Top 5: Disney Movies to Watch on Easter (Instead of the Passion)

Before someone says how sacrilegious I am for writing this, let me tell you a bit about my background. I grew up Catholic. I went to a Catholic elementary school. I’m not trying to hammer Mel Gibson’s brutal masterpiece about Jesus Christ. That’s not what I’m doing here. I’m trying to make comparisons and jokes with the theme of the Passion story and it’s connection with Easter. Also, I do love Easter. It’s one of my favorite holidays. It symbolizes Spring and pastel colors and everything I love about Winter going away. So let’s jump into this list of my top 5 Disney movies to watch on Easter instead of The Passion of the Christ.

Simba the King

5-The Lion King. Mufasa’s death makes way for Simba to eventually take his place as King. I know it isn’t exactly the Christ story, but it is a turning point for a young boy to become a man and conquer evil, keeping the rest of the animals safe at Pride Rock. Sure this story is slightly based on one of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays but let’s get real here. Simba is totally like Jesus in the sense that he leads his people to defeat the evil that has taken over their land. With him as their leader, the rest of the lions aren’t afraid to go after the hyenas and Scar. That’s really what makes this film a good Easter movie.

4-Bambi. This film is both the story of Christmas and Easter all combined. Religion can seriously be tied to this film all over the place. A fawn is born who will one day be the Prince of the Forest. During the first winter, Bambi’s mother is killed trying to find food with him. However, as Spring comes he falls for his female friend. He protects her from another male deer that tries to take her. Eventually he saves her from a fire and becomes the new Prince of the Forest as Faline, his love, is giving birth to his son. Yes, Jesus never has a son, but Bambi does grow up to be the protector of the Forest and will face great tests on his way to becoming Prince.

Beast Resurrected

3. Beauty and the Beast. The Beast is Christ like? Well, sort of. He does make his sacrifice to protect his castle and Belle and is eventually killed. However love resurrects back to his human form. In that way, the comparison can be made. The film is much more about Belle’s journey, but I think Beast can be the savior in this film, being hated and killed by the townspeople, just like Jesus and the Romans.

2. The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Due to it’s religious storytelling, this film makes the list. Quasimodo is saved by an archdeacon at a Christian church. The bell ringer of Notre Dame, Quasimodo, is scorned and laughed at by Frollo and his people. He is tied up at the Festival of Fools and held up, much like Jesus on the cross. He later defeats Frollo and is accepted into society, saves the gypsies, and becomes a hero. Sanctuary!

Megara Dies for Hercules

1-Hercules. The half god half man son of Zeus from a polytheistic religion on Easter? Josh what are you thinking? I know it seems crazy, but the story of Hercules can be compared to Jesus Christ. He is the son of a god and must show heroism. The other part of this film that might even be more important is that Megara, the love interest of Hercules, sacrifices herself for the greater good. This sad moment of sacrifice where Hercules cries after Megara exclaims her love for him could possibly turn you into a believer because Hercules rises up and defeats evil and continues to be the hero he always could be.

Like this list? Got any other suggestions for a film fitting for Easter? Let me know and leave your thoughts and comments below. Have a happy Easter everyone and enjoy searching and painting those Easter eggs!

Josh Taylor

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