Disney Trip Planning: To Stay on Property

Staying on Disney property instead of finding accommodations off-site might seem like an obvious choice, but when you start fishing around on the web to find better deals, those off-site hotels can seem pretty desirable! I’ll make it easy for you though: think of staying at an off-site resort like cheating. And, do you really want to cheat on Mickey Mouse? Staying on property brings lots of perks:

They Just Keep Singing! Make it Stop...MAKE IT STOP!

They Just Keep Singing! Make it Stop…MAKE IT STOP!

I’m not saving the best for last here, I just can’t wait that long to get to it. Staying in the Disney magic bubble is my favorite part of staying at one of the Disney hotels. If you’ve visited a Disney Resort, you’d know that the Cast Members (CMs) are usually performing with excellent service (let me say “usually” again, and with more italics) and that quality of service carries over from the parks to the hotels. If you don’t listen to me and decide to stay at an off-site, non-Disney hotel, you will really feel the difference because you are being transported away from the magic, AND you might just DIE from regret… or germs… Disney hotels are clean, so stay there instead, because if you die before getting the chance to meet a Disney Princess, I’m pretty sure you have to spend all of eternity listening to “It’s A Small World” over and over and over again.

They're..They're..so Beautiful!

They’re..They’re..so Beautiful!

Food Courts – Okay, so maybe Disney counter-service food isn’t always great, at least it isn’t worth having a grease induced heart attack over, but at least the food there is available… All of the resorts on property have food courts, which is super exciting if you like to be able to eat! Oh, and Disney food courts mean Mickey Waffles for breakfast.

Staying at a Disney Hotel can make booking easier – I’m a DIY’er, so when I book my vacation, I like to do it in a  “package” form. If you book through Disney’s website, it’s simply easier to buy everything as a package all at once, which includes your Disney Hotel stay!

Did I mention the waiting in line for a bus?

Did I mention the waiting in line for a bus?

Disney Transportation Walt Disney World, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris offer a free shuttle service to take you back and forth from hotels and parks. Walt Disney World has a monorail and ferry as well, which are attractions in themselves, but the other Disney locations that have monorails are simply for getting around the parks, they don’t visit hotels. (Good Neighbor resorts in Disneyland offer shuttle service and their Disney Hotels are close enough to walk to the parks!)

Trip Planning

Mickey Bottle Caps!….oh, and my Scary Face

Disney’s Magical Express, Bus and Luggage Service If you are flying to the Orlando airport (MCO) and opt in for this free service, Disney will send you special luggage tags in the mail which, once attached, alert them that your luggage is to be taken care of for you. This means that you don’t have to pick up your own luggage from the airport, the CM’s at the World will get them for you and bring them to your room at your Disney Resort. They will also pick YOU up for free and bring you in a shuttle to your Disney Resort! If you are traveling to Tokyo though, they only provide the free-baggage transfer service.

Extra Magic Hours – Depending on the Resort (ie. WDW, Disneyland, etc.) as well as the day, a different park is open an hour earlier or 2 hours later for Disney resort guests! Make sure to consult a schedule for which parks are open for this!

WAIT!!! I changed my mind. I WILL save the best for last, and here is the last, most bestest thing about staying in a Disney resort: MICKEY EAR BOTTLE CAPS AND COMPLIMENTARY SHAMPOO!

Angie Carreiro


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  1. I really enjoyed this, you have a cute sense of humor. Thanks!

  2. Thank you Monica! You’re sweet!!!
    and thanks Daaaad 🙂

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