Top 5

Josh lists the “Top 5’s” every Friday for just about every topic you can possibly think of!

NEW! Top 5: Bands You Should See at Tomorrowland Terrace

Top 5: Characters in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe

Top 5: Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Panchito Pistoles

Top 5: Drinking Spots at Walt Disney World

Top 5: Drinking Spots at Disneyland

Top 5: Freak Accidents at Disney Parks

Top 5: Reasons to go to Disneyland’s Diamond Celebration This Year

Top 5: Disneyland Stories You Didn’t Know

Top 5: New Mickey Mouse Shorts

Top 5: Ways Disney Could Use the Larger Magic Kingdom Hub

Top 5: Disney Predictions for 2015

Top 5: Reasons it Was Awkward to see Cruella De Vil on Once Upon A Time

Top 10: Gift Giving Guide for Someone Who Has An Upcoming Disney Vacation

Top 5: Reasons to see Big Hero 6 Right Now!

Top 5: Rediculous But Adorable Disney Dog Costumes

Top 5: Characters That Really Got Screwed in Disney Animated Films

Top 5: Disney Cartoons You Completely Forgot About

Top 5: Ideas for Disneyland’s 60th Celebration I Just Came Up With

Top 5: Marvel Characters Worth Getting Their Own Film

Top 5: Disney Songs You Totally Forgot About

Top 5: Things You Should Know About Roy O. Disney

Top 5: Angie’s Favorite Disney Collectibles

Top 5: Types of People I Hate Encountering at Disney World

Top 5: More Ways to Know You’re Disney Obsessed

Top 5: Things Every Disneyland Fan Should Know About Walt Disney World

Top 5: Things Every Disney World Fan Should Know About Disneyland

Top 5: Reasons to Visit Disney Parks in the Spring

Top 5: Morbidly Awesome Ways to Die at Disney World

Top 5: Disney Costumed Characters Sure to Creep You Out

Top 20: Funny, Cute, Useful, Insane, and Wild Disney Gifs

Top 5: Disney Movies I Wish They’d Make into Theatrical Productions

Top 5: Reasons Seeing Ellen Host the Oscars Made Me Excited for “Finding Dory”

Top 5: Reasons the Haunted Mansion is the Best

Top 5: Dogs of Disney

Top 5: Favorite Disney Couples

Top 5: Disney Characters to Most Likely Die First in the Zombie Apocalypse

Top 5: Reasons Donald Duck is Cooler than You

Top 5: Limited Time Magic Celebrations

Top 5: Disney Gifts Under $30

Top 5: Contributions to the World by Diane Disney Miller

Top 5: Animated Films Abandoned by Disney

Top 10: People Having a Not-So-Happy Time in Disney

Top 5: Mind-Blowing Disney Parks Urban Legends

300 Posts: Top 5 Most Popular Posts of All Time!

Top 5: Life Lessons You Shouldn’t Learn From Cinderella

Top 5: Reasons Why Avatar is Great for Animal Kingdom

Top 5: Once Upon a Time Characters to Watch in Season 3

Top 5: Easter Eggs in Disney Animated Classics

Top 5: Classic Tales Too Inappropriate to be a Disney Animated Feature

Top 5: Worst Places to Lose Your Lunch at Disneyland

Top 5: Announcements Not Made at the D23 Expo 2013

Top 5: Disneyland Shows You Have to See

Top 5: Disney Parks That Never Were

Top 5: Reasons Why Tom Hanks is the Perfect Walt Disney

Top 5: Meet and Greet Characters

Top 5: Posts You’ll See on Every WDW Fan Forum

Top 5: Reasons to see Monsters University

Top 5: Disney World Spots Sadly Abandoned

Top 5: Ways to Know You’re Disney Obsessed

Top 5: Disney Stories Horribly Ruined by Modernization

Top 5: Art Pieces that are Distinctly Mary Blair

Top 5: Reasons Once Upon A Time is Deeply Awesome.

Top 5: Disney World Attractions That Are Painfully Awesome

Top 5: Reasons I Not-So-Secretly Want to be Jose Carioca

Top 5: Disney Stereotypes that are Completely Wrong

Top 5: Disney Wrestling Matches I Want To See 

Top 5: Disney Movies to Watch on Easter (Instead of the Passion)

Top 5: After Ever After Stories 

Top 5: Disney Characters I Don’t Want To Be On A Boat With

Top 5: Reasons Pinocchio is Dumber Than Rocks

Top 5: Reasons Why Fantasia Freaks Me Out

Top 5: Dwarfs That Weren’t Used for Snow White

Top 5: Celebrities Who Need Jiminy Cricket As A Guide

Top 5: Ghost Stories From Disney Parks

Top 5: Life Lessons You Shouldn’t Learn From Snow White

Top 5: Long Lost Friends Not at Long Lost Friends Week

Top 5: Reasons Pirates of the Caribbean is the Best Disney Attraction.

Top 5: Awesome Limited Time Magic Events (I Just Made Up!) 

Top 5: Disney Predictions for 2013

Top 5: Disney Christmas Specials 

Top 5: Ways To Use A Robotic Dragon

Top 5: Christmas To Do List at Disney Parks

Top 5: Disney Gifts Worth Giving 

Top 5: Disney Park Attractions That Could Be Television Shows

Top 5: Things Disney Should Buy Out


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