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Announcing Network 1901

So for the past month or so there has been a ton going on behind the scenes. Modern Mouse has been working with some other Disney personalities to create a new “Network” and we are calling it Network 1901. Our goal is to bring you as much quality Disney content as possible on a weekly basis. We are starting off with 3 podcasts a week, frequent YouTube videos, and blog posts. We are going to cover everything under the Disney umbrella.

So what does that mean for Modern Mouse? You’ll still be able to find content here, especially the show notes and podcast episodes, but we encourage you to join us at for more content and to explore things that we at Modern Mouse don’t even get a chance to cover. For more info, check out our video below and stay tuned for more details on this week’s Modern Mouse Radio podcast on Wednesday!


Modern Mouse Radio #105: Intellectual Properties vs. Original Imagineering


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Over the past few years, Disney’s trend at the theme parks is to take existing properties like Star Wars or Avatar and create attractions and lands out of them. Thanks to the popularity of Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter land, it doesn’t seem like this trend is slowing down. Walt did think of properties when building his original theme park but he also wanted to create new original ideas for his park. So when did Disney decide to slow it’s building of original concepts.

Does media have a hand in this? Creating buzz for something like Star Wars Land is much simpler than opening something nobody has ever heard of. Does Disney choose to market it’s Intellectual attractions over it’s original attractions? What will the future look like? Will something like Bugs Land or Cars Land stand the test of time like Adventureland or Frontierland have?

Also be sure to check out to hear more of Dale and more. Plus contact him on Twitter @DaleWentland or @TheDCast to chat more about this episode!

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