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Modern Mouse Radio #97: The Future of Star Wars


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Josh is joined this week by Richard and Sarah from the Skywalking Through Neverland podcast. They are major fans of everything Star Wars and were able to attend the Hollywood premiere of the film. They have the picture with JJ Abrams to prove it!

Josh poses the question of how the future of Star Wars looks. With a huge push from Disney, with one film release a year and countless opportunities for merchandise, television, books, and comics, will the public tire of the franchise? What is everyone looking forward to with the new resurrection of Star Wars, especially with everyone high on The Force Awakens. What about the expansion into theme parks? Will it draw new audiences to the parks?

Be sure to check out Richard and Sarah do their thing over at and follow them on Twitter.

Give your thoughts on the future of the Star Wars franchise. What do you think will happen? Will it continue to be popular? Will it’s popularity fade? What are you looking forward to from the franchise?

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