Modern Mouse Boutique FAQ


Modern Mouse Boutique FAQ

When can I get my order? -My processing time is currently 3 weeks. (The processing time will always be in the “shipping policies” section of my Etsy shop as well as in the shop announcement) At some points I also have a RUSH order option available for an additional fee, but RUSH orders sell out very fast. I use USPS for shipping which, for orders within the US, is generally 2-5 days shipping speed, or you can upgrade to the Priority Mail option at check out for a faster time of 2-3 days. For international orders familiarize yourself with shipping speeds from the US to your Country to figure out how long it will take to ship to you!

What kind of headbands do you use? – I use black plastic headbands which I line myself with either black ribbon or  another fabric that goes along with the theme of the headband. (You can see the fabric on each headband in the item pictures) They are 1/2 inch and have teeth. Though they are sturdy, please treat your headband with care!

Are your mouse ear headbands water-resistant? – If it rains, you will most likely be fine! I use materials that will be ok if they get wet. Now with that said, they should not be submerged in water by choice!

What type of glue do you use? – I use hot glue to secure the  mouse ears and bow to the headband. The glue itself is secure and the product is sturdy, just don’t try and pull the ears apart with any sort of force. If you try to pull them apart, they will come apart, but if they are treated with care, they will stay sturdy!

I want to buy mouse ears for myself and for my toddler, will your headbands fit both of us? -In general, with exception, yes. My headbands are one size fits all, or at least one size fits MOST. If you want me to make the design itself a little smaller than normal for your child, I can definitely do so, just let me know in the order notes!

How much do your mouse ears cost? – I have lots of different prices for my ears which depends on the intricacy of the design and supply costs! My prices do fluctuate and change depending on my material costs, but generally they are between $23-$30 at the moment. All costs are over at my shop!

I saw another shop’s mouse ears that I like, can you copy the design for me? -No, I cannot do this! I will not replicate someone else’s design. Although a lot of sellers have similar items because we are drawing inspiration from the same characters and themes, I will not copy someone else’s creation. I am definitely willing to work with you to come up with an original design to call your own, though!

Can I combine shipping? – yes! If you order 2 or more items, Etsy automatically combines shipping costs for multiple items.

Can you deliver my order to me in person? -No, unfortunately items can only be shipped at this time

Are there any discounts for your shop? -Yes, returning customers get 10% off their next purchase!

Do you make custom mouse ears? -Yes, I have a very limited amount of custom orders I do each month, but slots fill up very quickly.

I already placed my order but need to make a change, what do I do? -Send me a message on Etsy and I will do what I can as long as the order hasn’t been shipped out yet! I can’t physically make changes to the order details (so if you need to upgrade shipping or add items to your order, a separate transaction will need to be done.)

How long does it take you to make a pair of mouse ears? -This depends on the intricacy of the design, but generally 2 hours per pair. I tend to get more orders in a day than I can make, so that is why my processing time is so backed up at the moment.

What is the best way to contact you? -Via Etsy message. I don’t always see messages and comments sent to me on Instagram or Facebook. Because of the way their systems are set up, usually my notifications get lost in the shuffle, but I will always see an Etsy message!
  1. Super excited about the WE special order! Let me know when u have the a etch done even though I’m sure I will love it! Your work is amazing. Wanted to also see if we got a group order of the WE if you offered discounts? Just wondering. I’m sure all of the wilderness explorers will want a pair after seeing hers!!!
    Thank Tammy

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