Disney Now and Then: Disneyland’s Food and Wine Festival


Drinking at Disney. Why is the concept so damn appealing? It almost feels like a forbidden fantasy, doesn’t it? Back in the day, I used to add a dollop of vodka to the top of my Slurpee, then head into Disneyland to truly succeed at adulting (And yes, that last bit sounds like the opening to a rad 80’s movie in which I fall in love with a bad boy named Chip, but bear with me). Having a little bit of booze in your system feels a little naughty, and a lot of that feeling stems from the fact that Disneyland is a dry park (except for Club 33. I bet Chip would take me there and I could’ve been done with my Slurpee days! I digress). Starting April 1st, Disney’s California Adventure is bringing back the Food and Wine Festival, which is making the past Slurpee version of myself so darn happy. Tower of Terror and wine? And drinking in the park is completely encouraged? Where do I sign?


Disney’s California Adventure used to always be the ‘break time’ park for my friends and I. Once we hit all the rides in Disneyland that we wanted to see, we’d take a break and wander over to Disney’s California Adventure for a margarita, then go see a parade or show before heading back into Disneyland. Usually, the trip over would be a hassle to me. I would always wonder to myself, ‘Why can’t they just sell me margaritas at Disneyland to save me this trip over to DCA?’ Now, to be fair, I’m happy that Disneyland doesn’t sell booze. It adds a level of class to the place that I appreciate. What’s great about the Food and Wine Festival making its return to DCA from April 1st-May 1st after a 6-year hiatus, is that there is a special event tacked on to drinking at DCA, rather than it being the park for adults to have break time.


Here’s what you should know about the event!

*Valid park admission is required to check out the event

*Major event highlights: Celebrity Kitchen hosted by superstar chefs, dozens of seminars and tastings, beers and spirits, lifestyle talks on art, gardening and wellness (all details available at www.disneyland.disney.go.com)

*Beverage Seminars:

Hosted by expert winemakers, sommeliers or brewmasters

Location: Sonoma Terrace

Running Time: 45 minutes

Size of class: 75 max

Price: $15

Includes: 3 sample tastings

**Recommendation: Visit www.disneyland.disney.go.com to reserve your table in advance! Various time slots available. Seminars are available on Fridays-Sundays.

Celebrity Kitchen:

Hosted by a variety of celebrity chefs!

Location: Stage 17

Price: $99 per person plus tax and gratuity

Running Time: 90 minute demo in front of live audience

****Check-in begins 1 hour prior to event

Recommendation: Space is very limited, so book in advance online.

*There’s a different chef featured every Saturday. Check online for schedule, so that you can book your preferred chef. Guy Fieri is featured on April 9th!!!

Hope these tips help you out if you’re looking to attend! Otherwise, I may see you on the pier in the spring as I sip my margarita! Have a great week, everyone!

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