Modern Mouse Weekly Recap (3/6/16)


Last week was a big week for us. The podcast posted it’s 100th episode. We also had some other great content plus we had a great Disney film, Zootopia, make it’s way to the theaters, so let’s get cracking with this week’s recap. If you missed anything on the site, this is a great time to check out everything that happened last week!

Modern Mouse Radio #100: Song of the South – Josh was joined by James from the Creepy Kingdom podcast and Keith from The Disney Project to talk about the most controversial topic yet on Modern Mouse Radio. Song of the South is known as the inspiration for Splash Mountain and has featured some great songs, most notably “Zip-a-Dee-Do-Da”, but the film has been locked away for 30 years with Disney never looking to release it again. The guys discuss the issues with this film, racism, the current culture’s political correctness, and more.

Disney Now and Then: Disney Birthdays! – Erika celebrated her birthday this week by writing about it. She discussed what it’s like to celebrate your birthday at a Disney park in your 20s vs her 30s. Have you celebrated your birthday at a Disney park?

Disney Tackles Fearmongering and Politics with Zootopia – Josh was captivated by Disney’s effort to talk about current problems in the world. After seeing Disney’s latest film, Josh thought he would give his 2 cents on the matter and how Disney made a bold move to talk about fear, segregation, and politics.

Above the Line #16 – Ever know someone had a secret identity? Many cast members at the Disney parks do. Holly touched on it this week with her comic about a date taking a strange turn.

Disneyland Tag – Erika created a questions and answers video where she answered some tough but fun questions about Disneyland

Tangled Tsum Tsum Haul – Keith must really love tsum tsum plush animals because he collected the whole lot of the new Tangled collection and he shares them all in his latest video.

How to Draw Mickey – Keith is a great artist. He hasn’t showcased that much with us at Modern Mouse, but he has drawn all of the art on his buttons that he gives away and he used to create and paint his own vinyl figures a few years ago. So now he is teaching all of us how to draw the most iconic Disney character.


About The Modern Mouse Crew

Modern Mouse Radio is a multimedia Disney fan site run by Josh Taylor and put together by a crew of amazing individuals. Check us out. You won't be disappointed.

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