Modern Mouse Weekly Recap (2/28/16)


This past week has really been energizing. Leading into this coming week’s Episode 100 of Modern Mouse Radio I think we are all trying to put out the best content we can and do better than we ever have. I think across the board this week we had a ton of great content and everyone is pushing their own skills to the next level! Let’s check out what went down on the site this week. Here is a great opportunity if you missed something we did!

Modern Mouse News: Stage Shows and T Parties – Josh flies solo on this episode of the show as he discusses the big trailers coming out of the Super Bowl as well as some of the new and exciting things coming to the parks, plus the sad loss of the Mad T Party at the California Adventure park.

Feature: The Balance of Money and Magic – Disney has always had trouble with giving it’s audience the perception of magic onstage and the business of the company offstage. Josh gives his look at the company as they struggle with theme park price increases, budget cuts, and the social media world we now live in.

Disney Now and Then: The Age of Technology – Erika takes a look at the pros and cons of the social media age. She specifically looks at YouTube and Instagram and the uses Disney fans can get out of those apps without spoiling the magic for themselves.

Above the Line #15 – Ever heard of Hidden Mickeys? It’s something like that but with foxes because you know…we aren’t exactly at Disney World here!



About The Modern Mouse Crew

Modern Mouse Radio is a multimedia Disney fan site run by Josh Taylor and put together by a crew of amazing individuals. Check us out. You won't be disappointed.

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