Modern Mouse Radio #100: Song of the South

song of the south

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Song of the South has long been talked about as being “banned”, “controversial”, and “racist”, but do you really know Song of the South or why it has been called these things? Josh is joined this week by Keith Gluck from Disney Project and the Walt Disney Family Museum and by James Carter from Creepy Kingdom to talk about Disney’s dark spot.

Walt Disney himself knew he was making a risky film and that was at a time when the world wasn’t as politically correct as we are now. Walt’s good intentions lead the film to eventually be locked away as the film has many faults. The team talks about the film and why it has been locked away by Disney, not by anyone else. They break down the scenes that make it controversial and racial charged. They also bring up what would help or change the image of Song of the South or how it compares to other films based in slavery or segregation.

What are your thoughts on the film? Should it stay locked away not to ever be released or should it finally see the light of day? Do you think the film is looked at too harshly? Is there any way to fix or remake the film? We would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. So jealous. I want to do an armchair imagineer with you!

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