Disney Now and Then: The Age of Technology

Let’s say you have your next Disney trip on the calendar. Heck, let’s say you have no idea when your next trip is. What are you probably gonna do? Go to YouTube to get your ‘Disney Withdrawal’ fix. Let’s think back to 10 years ago. If you were excited about an upcoming trip, you could gush over the details with your travel agent or call a relative on your cellular device and plan out your rides in advance. In this age of technology, we can add a little pixie dust to our excitement by researching everything in advance, but at what point do we cross the point of over-preparation and flat out ruin the magic for ourselves? Here are some ways to use social media to enhance your experience, without throwing all the pixie dust out the window.


YouTube is such a great resource to help you plan your trip. You can do everything from watch ride-through videos to ease your Disney withdrawals, listen to tips and even get advice from a former Disney cast member on my YouTube channel! Due to the popularity of Disney vlogging, it’s easy to fall down a rabbit hole that might take some of the fun out of your trip. These are the Do’s and Dont’s of the type of Disney videos to binge watch.

Do’s: Parking/transportation videos: You can never be too over-prepared for the ordeal that is parking at Disneyland or the bus/boat transport system at Walt Disney World.

Magic Band/Disney Dining videos: Eating and using your magic band is a thing to know everything about at WDW. You can have a more efficient trip by understanding your options with both, so research these in advance.


Hidden Mickey videos: This is a fun and interactive way to have an understanding of a fun Disney tradition so that you can hunt down hidden mickeys on your next visit.

Disney app videos: The Disney app is such a great resource for obtaining current ride wait times, GPS to stores/rides, schedules, contact info and most of all: Reserving a fast pass if you are a guest at WDW. You will want to watch videos in advance to research all that the app has to offer to better prepare yourself for your trip.

Character Meet n’ Greet Tips: These are great videos of the characters are a must-see on your trip. They help prepare you for the basics of meeting a Disney character along with helping you come up with conversation starters.


Disney Secrets videos: Yes, these videos are addicting and awesome but I would tread with caution if you’ve never been to a Disney Park. If you’re a frequent Disney Parks visitor,  watch away.

Disney ride-through videos: These are fun and addicting! My rule of thumb is, if you haven’t been in the ride before, don’t watch the video. If you have been on the ride, then by all means, watch as many times as you want.


Disney Fashion: Instagram is such an amazing resource to get inspired when you’re seeking out new Dapper Day ideas or Disneybound ideas. There is such a great network of people to connect with and be inspired by.

Social Groups: There are so many social groups and meet ups, and lucky for you, you can find all the info on meetips right there on Instagram. It’s a great way to discover new groups of people and connect I hope these simple Do’s and Dont’s help you savor the wonderful magic of Disney. Every Disney fan is different, so utilize these tips in a way that fits your love of the parks. Most of all, enjoy and stay passionate, friends.


Disney inspired merchandise: This is a great way to discover new Disney inspired fashion brands, or to follow your current faves for new designs and deals.

Disney Parks Photos: A beautiful way to reminisce or get pumped up for your next trip. I could spend hours staring at gorgeous pictures of the castle or a Dole Whip.

Preview events: Whether it’s a new ride opening or a new introduction to the park, it’s tempting to want to be in the know...because we can. For example, I haven’t experienced hyperspace mountain or seasons of the force yet. I can’t help but see some photos of these on Instagram, but I’m not going out of my way to seek them out until I can see it in person.

I hope these simple Do’s and Dont’s help you savor the wonderful magic of Disney. Every Disney fan is different, so utilize these tips in a way that fits your love of the parks. Most of all, enjoy and stay passionate, friends.

Erika Jenko
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