Disney Now and Then: Substitute Attractions

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Let’s say that you’re an annual passholder, and you’ve got your routine. Visit the ranch in Frontierland in the afternoon to visit the goats in the afternoon, take a lap on the Disneyland Railroad in the afternoon and hit up Fantasmic! at night. And now, due to Star Wars Land construction, your routine has been ripped out from under you and that may leave you thinking, ‘Well what now?’ While some of the down attractions such as the canoes or Rivers of America might’ve been a placeholder for you during your visits, they were still important to the planning of your day in some capacity, even if it was just a scenic way to build in a break for yourself. Now’s the exciting time to reinvent your frequent trips to the park, and here are my tips to do so!

Then: Disneyland Railroad

Purpose: Transportation, break time for parents to relax while their kids feel like they’re on a ride. A novelty sight to see. It is truly a bummer that the Disneyland Railroad will be down for an entire year. This was such a staple of my childhood. If it was really hot outside, you could sit down for a minute and have a scenic view of the park, it was a great time killer if you were waiting for a show or a parade to start and the sounds of the Disneyland Railroad took you back into another time.

Now: Disneyland Railroad

Suggested Substitutions: The Monorail may be an attraction that you skip over on your trips, while it can technically provide a lot of the replacements you may be looking for. It’s an air conditioned transportation system with a massive hint of nostalgia. While it won’t take you to the locations that the Disneyland Railroad could hit within the park, it’ll provide a great alternative if you are looking for something that feels like a ‘ride’ for the little ones, all the while giving yourself a break. Or be sure to check out the vehicles on Mainstreet for that wave of nostalgia that the Disneyland Railroad used to provide.


Then: Fantasmic!

Purpose: Nighttime entertainment. Ugh, words cannot express how sad I am that we have to wait an entire year!

Now: Fantasmic!

Suggested Substitutions: While Paint the Night parade or the fireworks are an easy substitution for your nighttime entertainment, I have a different tip for you if you’re a frequent visitor of the parks. Why not use the evening time to hit the big rides that usually have massive lines during the day? Why not go on Splash Mountain or Indiana Jones? Also, rides like Big Thunder Mountain and Jungle Cruise are GORGEOUS at night. It’s time to take nighttime entertainment to a whole new level.


Then: Rivers of America

Purpose: A relaxing afternoon of sailing on the boats or watching the canoes go by. Rivers of America is the visual center of the park, so let’s find you some new eye candy for the day.

Now: Rivers of America

Suggested Substitutions: Have a seat somewhere in New Orleans and snag a mint julep and people watch. Browse the shops and snap some photos amidst all the beautiful scenery in the area. This may be a part of the park that you usually hustle through to find the restroom, but I promise you, a little quality time there might be the breath of fresh air that you’re looking for.

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Then: Big Thunder Ranch

Purpose: A relaxing area to sit, see farm animals and have a quiet escape in the park.

Now: Big Thunder Ranch

Suggested Substitution: Take a morning stroll by the castle/hub area. Watch the ducks in the water by Snow White’s wishing well, or sit and people watch with the best seat in the house. The castle. If you’re looking for another cute nook of the park, walk by Walt’s apartment on Main street or check out the fire station!

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