Feature: How Music Changed the World


Every now and again I pull back the curtain and show the face of Oz here at Modern Mouse. It’s never anything shockingly crazy but I like to be honest, upfront, and personable when it comes to what we do here. That being said, I want to share a new project I have going on in the hopes that you will give it a try. This new project is really in no way associated with Modern Mouse or any of the things we do here a the website, but I want guests of this site to know that I have something new I’m doing and it will in no way change the way Modern Mouse operates.

My new project is a podcast titled “How Music Changed the World”. I’ve been a music fan and music history fan for just as long as I’ve been a Disney fan. I’ve played in bands, went to school for audio production and music management, and took every music history course I could have ever taken. I’m extremely fond of the power music has. That is why I’m devoting some time to doing a show about music history and how different musicians, albums, songs, and different styles of music have influenced the world we live in. I’ll be delving into research and talking about points on politics, social issues, religion, race, and gender.

Two episodes of “How Music Changed the World” are already available to download through iTunes, Stitcher, or any other place you listen to podcasts. Episode 1 is about Paul Simon’s “Graceland” album and how it brought eyes and ears to racial issues in South Africa and helped turn a corner for those in need in that country. Episode 2 is about the life of Ella Fitzgerald, segregation in America, and how her music and her friends influenced nightclubs, radio stations, and more to take African-American artists, musicians, and actors seriously and to believe in a desegregated American society.

This is a very big departure from the theme park and entertainment talk I usually have here at Modern Mouse, but because of folks like yourself reading this, I’m able to try something new and exciting and, dare I say, meaningful. These aren’t stories you’ll hear in textbooks or regularly on the History channel. I’ve added links to the most popular places you’d find this new show. I hope you’ll subscribe and check out an episode.

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/how-music-changed-the-world/id1077185609?mt=2
Stitcher: http://app.stitcher.com/browse/feed/81603/details
Libsyn: http://www.howmusicchangedtheworld.libsyn.com

Thanks for continuing to support me and everyone else here at Modern Mouse. We truly appreciate everyone who reads, watches, and listens!

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