Modern Mouse Weekly Recap (1/30/16)

weekly recap

I know technically Matt, the character from Saturday Night Live, isn’t really a Disney related creation, but you have to admit that skit was great and it has legs! So I’m running with it this week for the header of the Recap! If you missed anything from the past week, this is a great time to catch up because here is everything you might have missed:

Modern Mouse News: New Parks and Earful Towers – A few big stories popped up in the past few weeks that Josh and Angie had to go over. One was the addition or Kylo Ren meet and greets which have replaced Darth Vader meets. (When are we gonna meet Matt though?) They also discussed what it might be like if the Hollywood Studios park closed down for a while to speed up construction. Would it be a worthwhile idea for Disney?

Disney Now and Then: The Disney Look – Being a Disney cast member means not only do you need a friendly smile, but you need to abide by a certain look. Erika runs down what the “Disney Look” is and what you have to do to fit it.

Above the Line #11 – Holly continues to explore what it might be like to be dating on a Disney-like website.

Disney California Adventure for the First Time (Part 3) – Keith continues to tour his family around the Disneyland resort for their first time. They try out attractions at Cars Land and make sure they get in one last viewing of Aladdin before it went away.

Things I’ve Said Working at Disneyland – Working at a Disney park means keeping the magic going no matter what which can lead to some pretty weird and funny things you’d say. See what Erika recalls saying in this video about her time at Disneyland.

Tsum Tsum Mystery Pack Unboxing – If you are a fan of tsum tsum plush toys, which why wouldn’t you be, this is a pretty fun new product from Disney. Keith “unboxes” some and shows off his new collection.

Costumes I Wore Working at Disneyland – Have you ever seen some of those red carpet shows where they rundown a person’s style? Erika does that but to herself with pictures of what she used to wear as a Disneyland cast member.

Awkward Video Diary: Tempted by Disney World – Josh and Angie bring you their second video diary, have joking, but half serious as they prepare to make the move to California and live closer to Disneyland. Enjoy a funny video where they just get kinda weird and awkward.


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