Modern Mouse Weekly Recap (1/23/16)

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The Modern Mouse team was in full force again this week! We had a great week of content, from Star Wars to Mulan to obscure Disney films. This week is the kind of week you have to at least check out one or two things from the blog because everything was so fun to post! Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s workload from us. If you missed anything, we have it all right here!

Modern Mouse Radio #97: The Future of Star Wars – Josh invited Sarah and Richard from the podcast Skywalking Through Disneyland to talk all things Star Wars. With the Force Awakens out and accepted in a huge way, we will be seeing lots of Star Wars in the coming years. Josh wanted to pose the question of how will the franchise fair? Will the public tire of Star Wars or will we continue to embrace all aspects of it?

Disney Now and Then: Technology at the Park – We can say that much has changed since the turn of the 21st century. Most of those changes come in the way we interact with technology and the rest of the world. Erika breaks down what it was like back in the day and what it’s like now at the theme parks. Selfies and instagrams and snapchats, oh my!

Disney Film History: Toby Tyler – Josh steps into the 1960s with a look at a forgotten Disney film called Toby Tyler. A film starring Zorro and Mickey Mouse Club actors about the circus with practical stunts, jokes, and a tie to Walt Disney’s childhood.

Above the Line #10 – Holly takes us into the world of nerdy online dating. Sounds familiar right? Like some kind of mingling site?

How to Kill a Wookie (Chewbacca Meet and Greet) – This video from Keith integrates meeting characters, Modern Mouse Boutique products, and a weird story about killing Chewbacca’s relatives. Seriously, that’s what it’s about.

Pros of Working at Disneyland – Ever wonder about the benefits that come with working at a Disney park? Erika gives you all the answers you ever wanted to know.

Taking Newbies to Disneyland! – Are you a Disney park pro? Do you have friends that are Disney park virgins? This video from Erika is a gift to you.

Mulan Loves Pokémon – Keith loves Mulan. It’s one of his favorite characters in Disney film history and he also loves seeing her around the park. He stopped to chat with her about buttons, pokemon, and then has a brief run in with a Disney villain.

Disney in Five Words Round 2 – Josh and Angie play another round of Disney in Five Words. A game where you say a topic and the other has to describe that topic in five words. It’s actually more difficult than it sounds.



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Modern Mouse Radio is a multimedia Disney fan site run by Josh Taylor and put together by a crew of amazing individuals. Check us out. You won't be disappointed.

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