Modern Mouse Weekly Recap (1/16/16)


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It was a mixed week here at Modern Mouse. Josh and Angie announced they are upping their videos to once a week, meanwhile, Erika had some problems with editing and rendering so we lost some videos from her. Regardless, there was some fun content on the site this week. Here is this weeks recap!

Modern Mouse News: Farm Animals and Firework Drones – Josh and Angie bring you the news in audio form every other week. In this week’s Modern Mouse News show, they discuss the closing of Big Thunder Ranch and what that means for the animals that inhabited the area. They also talk about Marathon Weekend at Walt Disney World, Disney’s permission to use drone technology, and the Star Wars box office.

Disney Now and Then: Planning a Day at a Disney Park – Erika gives us a look at how she plans a day at the parks and how her mother used to plan a day at the parks and her tips for maximizing a fun filled day regardless of weather, crowds, or anything else.

Disney Film History: Jungle Cat – Josh renamed “The Whole Picture” into “Disney Film History”. (He went back and made the change to all of the others in this category too.) He has been going through the films chronologically and has landed on the last film on the 1950s in this post. He gives the history and story behind Walt Disney’s last True Life Adventure film.

Above the Line #9 – Holly is taking us further into her comic and “Disney style” park with queues, meet and greets, and a strange character named Franky Fox.

Disneyland First Timers! (Part 2) – Keith’s continues video blog where he shows his cousins, aunt, and uncle around Disneyland. What do they think of the park as compared to Walt Disney World?

Meeting Spiderman at Disneyland – Keith and his friend Tyler made their way to the new Marvel Headquarters inside the old Innoventions building at Disneyland. There they met Disneyland’s newest superhero, Spiderman!

Modern Mouse (YouTube) Channel Update – Finally to round out the week, Josh dropped a video announcing more video content from himself and Angie on the Modern Mouse YouTube channel. They will be uploading once a week and have promised to mix it up a bit.


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Modern Mouse Radio is a multimedia Disney fan site run by Josh Taylor and put together by a crew of amazing individuals. Check us out. You won't be disappointed.

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