Modern Mouse Weekly Recap

weekly recap

As we grow and the website continues to gain more content, we thought it would be reasonable to have a weekly recap of all the of the great content we had this week. This also makes sense because it’s a new year and it just seems fitting to start with something new and definitive for the site! Expect this every Saturday! This way, if you missed anything, you’ll be able to catch up!

Here is what happened for the first week of January 2016!

Modern Mouse Radio #96: Disney Year in Review 2015 – Josh, Angie, and Erika look back on 2015 and give their thoughts on the best films, parks, television, and all around Disney happenings of the year. Plus we get their opinions on the best films of the year from Disney!

Disney Now and Then: Disney Career Magic – Erika gave us her thoughts on what it was like while working as a Cast Member at Disneyland and what her thoughts are on it now since she has been away from Walt’s original park. It’s sentimental, sweet, and will probably give you “Toy Story 3” tears.

The Whole Picture: Third Man on the Mountain – Josh’s in depth look at all of the Walt Disney company films returns with a look at the film that inspired one of Disneyland’s greatest attractions! Despite it’s lackluster box office, Josh thinks you should give this one a watch.

Above the Line #8 – Holly gives us a picture perfect comic this week….if by perfect, you mean strollers knocking you down.

Top 5 Cast Members to Answer Your Questions – Ever wondered who to ask a question to while wandering around a Disney theme park? Need a park map? Need to know when the fireworks start? Erika gives you advice on who to ask with a top 5 list.

Disneyland First Timers! – This past year, Keith moved to Southern California. That move gave his family a reason to visit Disneyland, some of them for the first time. See his families reactions to what they see and do.

Disney Park Princesses are the Best – Being a Disney Princess is hard work. Don’t believe it, ask Erika. She accompanied many princesses around the Disney parks while being a cast member and she can tell you how tough it is to be perfect, energetic, and wearing a ball gown in 100 degree weather.

Awkward Video Diary: We’re Moving to Disneyland – Angie and Josh have an announcement. They decided to announce it in a fun video that they made more awkward than it ever had the right to be. Seems like it will be a recurring video series as well.




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Modern Mouse Radio is a multimedia Disney fan site run by Josh Taylor and put together by a crew of amazing individuals. Check us out. You won't be disappointed.

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