Feature: The Feels Awaken in the New Star Wars Film (No Spoilers)

star wars1

This article has no spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. You are safe here!

Everything has lead to this, the worldwide release of the new Star Wars film. It’s been an epic journey to get here. I’ll be honest, I’m not a Star Wars superfan, nor would I consider myself knowledgable about the Star Wars Universe. I’m a fan of good storytelling and that’s what Star Wars has always been to me. I know some planet names, some droid names, and the main character names, but I couldn’t tell you who was sitting at the bar at the Mos Eisley Cantina off the top of my head. I do know, like a majority of everyone else, that I saw\ the marketing and hype for this film and got swept up in it.

Over 3 years ago there was an announcement. George Lucas and the Walt Disney Company reached an agreement. Lucas would receive over $4 billion in cash and Disney shares and the company would purchase Lucas Film and Lucas Arts. When that happened, there was serious speculation which was quickly met with a “yes we plan to make a new Star Wars film.” That’s when the marketing started. 3 years ago!

star wars2

This morning I sat at my local theater and watched as the lights dimmed and a sold out room full of people, on a Friday morning at 8am (I’m sure a majority of them called in sick to work, let’s be honest.) saw that scrolling text. Right then there were multiple generations feeling something. I sat there and thought, “I could sit here and watch this keep going.” The film runs at just around 2 hours and 15 minutes but I could have watched for another 5 hours. I was wrapped up in the saga, the nostalgia, the new characters, and most importantly, the storytelling. I walked out talking with my wife in the car about what we can just seen. I’m sitting here almost 12 hours after I saw the scrolling text say “Episode VII” and I still want to talk about it. I have legitimately sang about it and danced around my home.

star wars3

I watched a group of fans in a theater laugh, cry, worry, cheer, and overall feel. That’s goo storytelling. There was a great mix of something for everyone. It was respectful of the films that came before and paved the way for something new and exciting. I’ve seen my share of films this year, Disney related or not, and I have to say that The Force Awakens stands as something I will remember. I felt something (maybe the force) and so did everyone else in the room. I’m connected to these characters. I trust them. I feel like I know them. I went into seeing The Force Awakens feeling excited. I left the theater feeling all kinds of things. I don’t know how else to explain it, especially without spoilers attached.

Enjoyable characters and wonderful stories are at the heart of the Disney company. This movie was a great Disney made movie. Thanks for pulling me aboard the hype train Disney, it’s been an enjoyable time and I can’t wait to feel everything again in 2 years for Episode VII.

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