Modern Mouse Radio #92: Armchair Imagineers w/ Creepy Kingdom


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It’s our Halloween episode! This week is also the return of our signature series, Armchair Imagineers. Joining the show is James H. Carter II from Creepy Kingdom. The Halloween parties at both the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland continue to grow and we thought that eventually there should be another ticketed event at a Disney park to help with crowd control at the other parties. Since James is a recent transplant to the Disneyland area, we decided to settle on California Adventure for a brand new Halloween party. At this party we bring theming, activities, food, drink, and fun. See what we came up with on this week’s episode.

Also be sure to check out James at as well as shoot him a tweet to let him know how much you loved him on the show at @CreepyKingdom!

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