Disney Now and Then: D23 Recap


I just got back from D23 and am still floating in magic and refusing to wipe off the pixie dust. The last time I ventured to D23 was the very first time it launched. I was expecting that a lot had changed. Nothing could’ve prepared me for the fact that I would leave the expo after Day 3 feeling completely a part of a community of people, most of which I had never met.

The first time I visited the expo, I knew some people here and there having worked at Disneyland and at that time, Radio Disney. I checked out different exhibits and I had a great time. But even thought I was literally a working part of the Walt Disney Co. at the time, I felt like I had just visited an expo.


This year, I felt like I was a part of an experience. The fan-base for Disney has evolved so much in the past few years and it was all due to one little thing: People started to truly own up to their joy for Disney. All of a sudden, Disneybounding is a world-wide phenomenon, Disney vlogging is a popular form of YouTube content, and people are owning their passion for Disney. It’s such a cool thing! And it made for a much more meaningful experience at the expo.


I only made it to one panel, and due to the long lines I spent most of my time wandering the show floor. It was an incredible experience. A huge thank you goes out to my friend and former Radio Disney co-worker, Jenny-Rae (www.YouTube.com/JennyRaeTV), who helped me navigate the floor and introduced me to awesome people in the Disney community. I got to talk to some cosplayers, and I couldn’t get over the level of detail they put into their outfits. They were so gorgeous! Most of all, I got to finally put faces to names and actually meet people from the Disney communities whose photos I admired on Instagram or whose videos I subscribed to on Youtube. When you’re a vlogger all the way over in New York and get to see Disneyland once in a blue moon, you start to feel like the kid who is always late to the party. The expo made me feel like I was just as a part of this experience no matter where I lived. It was amazing meeting people who had run across subway mouse on Instagram or who had watched my videos and were excited to get a Fart Pixie Dust button. The trip made me feel so much more connected and so much more aware of how much the Disney community has grown. Thank you so much, everyone! You all made me feel at home. And, I finally got to meet the Modern Mouse crew and they’re amazing! It was one of those trips I’ll never forget, and it made me so excited to return home and keep plugging away at my Disney updates online. Can’t wait for the next expo!

Erika Jenko
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