Top 5: D23 Expo Events You May Not Know About

The D23 Expo is now going into it’s 4th incarnation and it’s coming up soon (Aug. 14th-16th, 2015) Due to the attendance, the all-Disney convention has grown and gotten so much bigger. There is a ridiculous mixture of booths and panels and the schedule of events from the D23 Expo website definitely showcases that. So how on earth can we know about everything going on at the D23 Expo? Well….you can’t. There are multiple presentations going on at one time, mass crowds moving from one area to another, and booths that will have certain autograph signings for only 1 hour increments. You’ll never see everything but you shouldn’t want to. Pick a few things to see, have some backup plans in place, and just take in what you can. That’s the best approach to all of it! We all know about the big D23 showcases. There is the Legends Awards show, the Upcoming Animation show, the Upcoming Live Action show, the Disney Parks and Resorts show, and the Disney Interactive show. These will all be in the large arena dubbed “Hall D23” but there are plenty of smaller stages and places to be throughout the Expo at certain times. So I’d like to present to you my top 5 D23 Expo events you many not know about!

expo 1

#5-Learn to Draw (Mutiple Presentations). If you are a fan of the Animation Academy at either Disneyland or Walt Disney World, this is the end all be all of that! Famous Disney animators like Andreas Deja (Jafar, Scar, etc…) will be on hand to teach others how to draw famous characters. This may not be completely worth the price tag of admission, but with a few different times throughout the Expo, I’m sure there will be some down time where you can take this type of thing in! Some of these will be a part of the Walt Disney Studios stage and some will be at the Center Stage so check the schedule. You’ll find me at the presentation where we learn to draw Rainbow Unicorn from Inside Out! Seriously who doesn’t love Rainbow Unicorn!

expo 2

#4-Sing “A Whole New World” with Aladdin (Aug. 16th: 1pm at Center Stage). On Sunday August 16th, guests can lineup and try out (at least the first 50 in line) to sing with someone special. The 50 will be narrowed down to 5 winners. Those 5 people will take over the Center Stage along with Brad Caleb Kane (the singing voice for “Aladdin”) and do a duet. If you are a singer or fancy yourself an OMG moment, I wouldn’t miss this! What an awesome experience made possible by the D23 Expo!

expo 3

#3-Debunking Myths, Revealing Secrets (Aug 15th: 5pm at Walt Disney Studios Stage). I may be a bit bias here due to the fact that my longtime friend, former Modern Mouse Radio co-host, and YouTuber Keith Lapinig is so-hosting this one. Beyond that point, I’ve always been a fan of “secrets revealed” type of shows. Being able to talk with some of the guys from the Animation Studios about myths and secrets in the long running animation studios should make for good stories. I’d love to see a Disney Parks version of this too but it won’t be happening this year!

expo 4

#2-Record Personal Greetings with Bill Rogers (Every Day: 5:30pm at Center Stage). You know the guy that does the announcements for nearly everything at the Disney parks. Something like “The parade will be bein in 15 minutes!” If you’ve been to a Disney park in the past 10 years you know the voice. That voice is Bill Rogers and he will be on scene at Center Stage every day to take your phone and record a new voice mail greeting for you. Disney is literally paying him to be there just to take your phone and record a message. How cool is that? It’s unique, fun, and something you’ll only find at the D23 Expo!

expo 5

#1-Imagineering 60 Years of Disneyland (Aug. 14th: 5pm at Stage 23). I’m putting this one on the list because people might know about it but people might not know what is happening here. Not only are we getting a one hour look at Disneyland and what has gone into making it more magical every day over it’s 60 years of existence, we are getting an all star panel of Disney Legends including Tony Baxter, Alice Davis, Marty Sklar, and Richard Sherman. I can’t concieve of the feeling that will take over my body with that much talent on hand. That’s not even to mention some of the great folks currently working in Imagineering that will be there and it’s all hosted by Leslie Iwerks, the granddaughter of Ub Iwerks, as she presents the trailer for her new documentary about Disney Imagineering. This is one of those “don’t miss” kind of things for me. I can skip out on getting a sneak peek at upcoming Disney movies and park attractions. This presentation combines all of these amazing people in one room and that will most likely never happen again!

What are you most looking forward to at the D23 Expo this year? Will you be attending? If you are make sure to meet up with myself, Angie, Keith, and Erika as we are giving away buttons and mouse ear headbands! Hit me up on Twitter or Instagram for where we are!

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