Modern Mouse Radio #83: ONCE Season 4 Review w/ Daniel J. Lewis

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This week, Josh is joined by the host of ONCE Podcast as well as several other podcasts as part of the network, Daniel J. Lewis. Daniel and Josh are here for the yearly review of Once Upon a Time (Season 1, Season 2, Season 3) and there is much to talk about for season 4.

Season 4 began where Season 3 ended and that was the introduction of Frozen characters to the Storybrooke. With Frozen being such a recent hit for Disney, would these characters resonate with the ONCE audience? It was difficult to tell at first but over the course of the Frozen story arc we saw a mix of Disney’s Frozen and Hans Christian Anderson’s Snow Queen. The original story of the Snow Queen ended up overpowering Disney’s tale of two sisters for much of the Fall. Of course there were moments of seeing Anna reuniting with Elsa and pretty great lines from Kristoff and Anna, but overall the story of Ingrid, the Snow Queen, and her need for sisters and family dominated and felt like a great story for ONCE. It started off shaky but ended so beautifully and pushed us into a riveting winter break finale.

Beyond the Frozen plotline, we saw two relationships of love come to, what we could have sworn, was their ending in Rumple/Belle and Regina/Robin Hood. Probably one of the most heartfelt moments of the Frozen story arc didn’t have anything to do with Frozen or the Snow Queen, but had to do with letting love go between these two relationships. Seeing Belle leave Rumple behind and knowing that Regina was giving up her true love had to be the hardest thing to watch in season 4 but their stories are not done and where they went in the second half of the season brought our roller coaster ride right back to the station.

The second half of Season 4 was reserved for the “Queens of Darkness”. The story seemed to jump the shark and give us a bit too much up front. The writing team for ONCE put a halt to that and after realizing they didn’t have enough time to really explore this story arc fully. Sadly, Cruella De Vil and Ursula were two great villains written out of the show quicker than we would have liked, but we had to really get to Maleficent. Returning to the show from the dust, literally, and bringing a gem of a storyline that involved her, Snow White, and Prince Charming really gave several characters without much purpose a route to take leading into Season 5. The introduction of Lilly and how she is tied so closely to our hero Emma was a nice reveal. What will happen when or if we meet Lilly’s father in Season 5? Will the Charming’s find Lilly and Maleficent’s happy ending so they don’t have to feel awful about cursing Lilly to Earth so long ago? It’s an interesting story we are dying to see come to fruition in Season 5.

What about the Author? We have been waiting 4 years to see who was writing the stories that brought everyone to Storybrooke. Who was this all knowing being? It just so happens he was a regular guy. Isaac was a polarizing character for some. He was a let down for many who had their theories on who might be the Author. The interesting twist that happens by the end of the season is that Henry becomes the Author and despite breaking the pen that can write the stories, will we see him become something more powerful in Season 5? It’s an interesting change up for his character.

Last but not least, we end season 5 with Rumple being overpowered by The Dark One and darkness consumes Emma. With Emma seemingly becoming The Dark One, what does this mean for the rest of the cast? Who will save her and how will the do it? This is proving grounds for two former villains, Hook and Regina, who are now so attached to Emma and who want so badly to find their happy endings in Storybrooke. What will be everyone’s fate going into season 5? We will just have to wait until the Fall!

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