Tweets From Tuesday: Least Favorite Disney Animated Feature?


I’ve long been a fan of Disney animation and I have my favorites which include The Three Caballeros, Pinocchio, and the Jungle Book. I’ve also noticed, while writing The Whole Picture series that there have been some films I could go without seeing again and that includes some Disney Animated Classics. For example, I’m not high on Fantasia 2000. I know it’s art, but I feel like one Fantasia film was enough. Don’t even get me started on Home on the Range! So I opened it up to Twitter, asking everyone what their least favorite Disney animated film is and why? These are the answers I got.

@YoPaulieNJ: Black Cauldron because it is a stylistic mess, an editorial mess, a mess of a story, and not worth the cult fascination. I haven’t seen this movie in a long time and for good reason. It does seem like a stylistic mess and it’s one single movie made from several novels all pushed together. (That’s called “The Reverse Hobbit”!) I’m sure I will watch this film again someday but it’s not on my priority list at all.

@DeluxeODonnell92: Though I haven’t finished Chicken Little, Home on the Range. Easily. It commits the sin of being a Disney animated feature for no one other than small children. On top of that, it’s lame, mostly unfunny, even a bit dull. I however do like the art direction and a few of the character designs, and Alan Menken’s songs are ok. Overall an insulting miss. I’ve watched bits and pieces of this film and it definitely fits near the bottom of the list. In the midst of a downtime for Disney animated features, it has to be a film most either have forgotten or saw and want to forget about. I would add to your list that the casting choices were awful and that the animation style was not up to par for Disney Animation Studios.

@SixBubbles: Is it fair to say ANY sequel? Especially the little mermaid 2. But all of the sequels kinda make me sad. Budgeting reasons? Bambi is supremely dull. Might have to pick that one. Hunchback of Notre Dame because it’s just sad. Poor guy does not get a happy ending and that jerk gets the girl. Sad times. or ANY TINKERBELL MOVIE PLEASE MAKE THEM STOP lol no but seriously, make them stop. Unfortunately you can’t say any sequel. Fantasia 2000, if you count that as a sequel, and Rescuers Down Under are the only sequels made by Disney Animation Studios and I would say the Rescuers sequel was actually very good, not successful at the box office but a good film. However, it looks like the Animation studio will be doing more sequels in the future including Frozen 2 and Wreck It Ralph 2. The Tinkerbell films fall under the same. They aren’t considered Disney Animation Studios. (They are from Disney Toons.) I can say that Hunchback and Bambi are both Disney Animated Classics and despite the sadness that these films bring to family friendly movies, I enjoy both but I understand why they would not be liked. Bambi can move slowly and Hunchback is a very sad story that is very adult in some ways, leaving the kids by the wayside.

@ModernMouseAng: Fantasia. I like it but its the hardest to sit through & watch. Theres no storyline to keep me watching for a resolution. Looks like someone close to me doesn’t appreciate the high art of Fantasia which is funny because I said at the beginning that Fantasia 2000 is up there for me as well. Good thing Modern Mouse Ang and I got married and we don’t have to watch these films all of the time!

Thanks to those who got back to me on Tuesday! If you have a least favorite Disney Animated Feature and you didn’t tweet at me, leave a comment below and tell us what is your least favorite. Be sure to follow me on Twitter so you can be involved in next Tuesday’s post and until then, see ya!

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  1. In terms of the Canon, ‘Fantasia’ is my least favorite. I appreciate the artistic quality of it, but it just bores me.

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