Top 5: Bands You Should See at Tomorrowland Terrace


Disneyland has been a hub for music since opening in 1955. It’s a place to see marching bands, acapella groups, jazz, rock, and all sorts of acts. Since 1967’s refurbishment of Tomorrowland, the Tomorrowland Terrace stage has been home to great bands that you can see almost daily. Depending on when you go, you can see shows several times a day from all types of bands. Depending on your musical preference, you may want to check out the stage, but even if it isn’t your cup of tea, I recommend getting away from long lines and enjoying some live music. It’s way better than the dance parties Disney often throws. Here are the top 5 acts you should look out for this summer.

#5-Sufferagette. An all female group, comprised of musicians around the resort, has played the Disneyland stage for just a few months but are gaining a name. They usually perform various covers from the 1960s until today. Several lead vocalists bring these songs a different powerful female vibe. I love the throwback to Mary Poppins with the Sufferagette name and they do a great job at varying between R&B, Rock, and Soul songs.

#4-Scot Bruce. I’m usually not into cover bands for the sake of playing Top 40 songs and gaining a crowd, and it might be why The Sufferagettes aren’t higher on this list despite their talent. What I am a fan of is recreating an experience. Seeing Elvis Presley in the 1950s would have been an experience! Like myself, some of us were born far too late to appreciate the King of Rock and Roll in his heyday. Scot Bruce brings his Elvis impression to life and does it better than many performers in Las Vegas. His costumed band bring the 1950s rock and roll scene to the Terrace stage and their show really does feel like a longer version of Presley’s performance on the Ed Sullivan show. This show is a proper tribute and it feels both classic and new.

#3-The Bolts. One of the few bands playing original music, I can’t say enough for this SoCal band. They are good. Somewhere between alternative and pop music is The Bolts. They seem like they’ve been playing for decades but have only been around a few years. They do toss in some covers, mostly newer songs and usually something you’d hear on alternative radio. It’s a great getaway from some of the top 40 pop songs or Radio Disney songs you’ll hear around the resort.

#2-Hard Day’s Night Band. Like Scot Bruce, the Hard Day’s Night Band is an experience. Dressing like different variants of The Beatles depending on their show, they play some of the best Beatles covers I’ve ever heard and they look the part. I’ve heard my share of Beatles covers and Beatles cover bands, but this group pulls off everything with ease as if they were the Beatles. They never look like they struggle with these songs and they play to their crowd so well.

#1-Suburban Legends. I might be partial to this one as I grew up listening to punk and ska music. This band hits me right where I want them to. I’ve seen Suburban Legends on the Terrace stage and I’ve seen them on tour. What this band brings to rock and roll music is fun. They choreograph dances, they thrown their instruments across stage, and for much of their Disneyland sets, they bust out covers of Disney songs like “Kiss the Girl” and the Ducktales theme song. Their show is pure energy! If you are at Disneyland and Suburban Legends is playing, stop whatever you are doing and speed walk to Tomorrowland like you’ve never speed walked before!

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