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I wouldn’t say I’m a professional Foodie but I dabble from time to time. I love spices and interesting dishes. I prefer trying something new and different than the same old meal. So I’m always interested, when on vacation at a Disney park, to see what I can find that’s new. I spent my last vacation tasting and drinking all types of things I had never had before. With so much great food out there, I honestly couldn’t tell you what the best meal I’ve had was. There have been so many memorable tastes and experiences. I thought maybe someone else would know what park had the best food so I opened it up to Twitter and this is what you guys said!

@souzasteph1: Disneyland! This is super enthusiastic. I love Disneyland too but I wouldn’t say it has the best food. In fact, it might be up in the air as to which west coast park has the best food. The Pacific Wharf has some of the best counter service food ever, especially those bread bowls at Boudin Bakery, but Disneyland does have the Blue Bayou and some of the best snacks in the world!

@Outpostlarry: It’s really hard to beat Epcot with amount and range of selection. Harambe Market at DAK might change things a bit. The difference between Epcot and Disney’s Animal Kingdom is that their food is authentic. They don’t just have the usual chicken fingers and hamburgers. Due to Epcot’s amount of different cultures being represented in World Showcase, it does have a huge range of foods and variety.

@EpcotAKL: Epcot easily has the best food out of all the parks because of the authentic foods from the around the World Showcase! I think this may become one of the more popular answers thanks to the different countries represented in World Showcase.

@DisneyWhisperer: For me, Epcot hands down. It’s not even a question for Disney Whisperer! Nothing compares and the streak continues here.

@DLRpodcast: EPCOT! Best selections, varieties, atmosphere, and entertainment. This went beyond the food. I think one of the best parts of World Showcase is snacking and drinking while taking in the atmosphere and entertainment. It’s cheaper, to some extent, than having a sit down meal and you can watch acrobats do amazing things, or see some live music.

@JamboEveryone: As much as I love Animal Kingdom, clearly Epcot is the winner here. DAK is #2 though. Another toss to both Epcot and Disney’s Animal Kingdom here. Due to the variety of foods in these parks, they do definitely stand out, and not just to me as I’m seeing. I wonder if Hollywood Studios or Magic Kingdom will ever catch up to the variety of foods people love from these parks.

@plusthemagic: There’s no doubt- it’s gotta be Epcot. Another vote “hands down” for Epcot and at this point it isn’t even surprising.

@CRufener: Disneyland-Monte Christo sandwich and Plaza Inn fried chicken or meatloaf at Carnation Cafe. Just reading this made me hungry. Disneyland’s food is good and their portions are pretty big for what you pay which doesn’t seem as bad as other theme park food I’ve seen around.

@YoPaulieNJ: Epcot. Because there’s little else of value there. Oh!!!! I wouldn’t say that there is little else of value. There are definitely some blank canvases that need to be filled in Future World and I’m not a fan of the new version of Test Track, but I find tons of value in this park. Just wandering the countries at World Showcase is something I could do everyday of my life and not get bored. Love chatting with cast members here and learning about their native lands.

@giodisney: Disneyland. Jolly Holiday Bakery, Carnation Cafe, Hungry Bear, Rancho Del Zocalo, Plaza Inn. That is reason enough. I’m a HUGE fan of Rancho Del Zocalo. It’s almost a hidden gem to me. The veggie chili at Hungry Bear is pretty amazing. Again, this is making me super hungry.

@dizwire: Epcot > Disneyland > DCA > DAK > DHS > MK. I think this is a great way to end this post. For most people, this seems to be the way to go and I would mostly agree with this. Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios really need to up their food game.

Thanks to those of you that decided to get involved with this weeks post. If you are interested in being a part of next week’s post, feel free to follow me on Twitter by clicking the link below. I’ll see you next week on Twitter!

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