Modern Mouse Radio #81: Angie and Josh Got Married at Disney World!


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In case you had no clue, Josh and Angie, long time co-hosts of Modern Mouse, got married at the end of April at Walt Disney World. Along with their families, they planned out a large amount of things to do. Beyond the wedding itself, the couple planned for spa days, dessert parties, afternoon tea, and much more.

This week’s episode of Modern Mouse is a trip report of the events that happened. Keith, Josh, and Angie discuss what went down, what they loved about a Disney wedding trip, what didn’t live up to expectations, and what they would do again!


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  1. HA, I can’t wait to see Josh digging in the sand for the rings! 🙂 This was an awesome recap, congrats to the cutest, funniest and funnest (yes, making up words!) couple I know! Plus the most inspiring;) I Heart You Guys!

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