Just Left of Main Street: Born Into Disney


Being such an overt Disney nerd, people often ask how I became such a big fan of all things Disney. The answer I always provide, only half-jokingly, is that I was born into it. You see, my parents first visited Walt Disney World in the summer of 1972. Shortly, before they left for their trip they learned that they were expected their third child – me. So, some of the first sounds I ever heard when I came into existence were those of Walt Disney World, thus imprinting on my mind a lifetime love of Disney.

Many of my fondest memories of childhood revolve around Disney – visits to the theme parks, watching Disney movies, playing with Disney toys or playing Disney–themed games on family game nights. Some of my favorite Disney theme park memories from this time are of collecting character autographs and falling in love with Dreamfinder and Figment.


I mentioned loving to watch Disney movies as a kid. I am old enough to remember when you couldn’t just watch a movie in your home anytime you wanted. You could only see them in theaters or the occasional TV special. When VCRs became attainable, at first, the films were still not wildly available. So, my family snatched up all the Disney Sing-A-Long Song video tapes we could find to at least be able to watch scenes and songs from our favorite movies. Even though I no longer have a working VCR, I still hold on to the old video tapes, I just can’t let them go.

As I got older and moved onto high school and college, like many, my Disney passion faded some but never went away. In fact, I could often be found in my college dorm room watching Beauty and the Beast or playing the Alladin or Lion King games on my Sega Genesis. And, when other college students would head to Cancun or Miami Beach during their breaks, I would beg my friends to go to the Orlando area so we could at least spend some time at Disney World. We even spent a very memorable New Year’s Eve at Downtown Disney – an event my friends and I still talk about to this day.


I met my wife shortly after college and we were married a few years later. Did we go on a cruise or Hawaii for our honey moon? Nope! I convinced her to head to Walt Disney World. I figured she better learn early the level of Disney geekiness. In the years following my wife and I made many trips to WDW as a couple. This continued until we started our family with the birth of my daughter in 2004. My son came along in 2007 and we have made numerous trips to WDW as a family. I have successfully passed on my Disney nerdom to my children, especially my daughter, who cries on our last night at Disney World every year.

autographsPassing on my Disney passion is something I love to do. I love to give people travelling advice, discuss the latest Disney movie or drop a little trivia on people. However, few people in my life are as into Disney as I am and don’t love to talk about constantly like I do. That’s why I wanted to start writing this blog. It gives me an outlet to share my Disney passion with other passionate people. I call the blog Just Left of Main Street as I plan to cover topics that are a little obscure and, maybe, aren’t covered often. I’ll discuss lesser known attractions, movies you may have not seen (or even heard of), off-the-beaten-path topics such as Disney comics, review books that aren’t just bios of Walt but take a different approach to the world of Disney and similar topics. I hope you enjoy what I write and help us all bring just a little more Disney into our lives.

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