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The Muppets have been a recognizable entity for decades despite their on-again off-again presence. Like Mickey Mouse, the cast of the Muppets have seen their good times and bad as far as stardom. Mickey was at an all time high during the 1930s but as Walt made way for other ventures, Mickey was put on the shelf and was merely setup to the emblem of the company, but not really seen in theaters or television anymore, until the 1980s when Mickey’s Christmas Carol became a hit with families. The same can be said with The Muppets. Despite sporadic appearances, the new millennium had not been a good one for the furry creatures. It wasn’t until Jason Segel took on the part of bringing The Muppets to theaters in 2011 that the classic characters were reborn. Now with a new television show on primetime television coming this fall, I wanted to post a question to my friends on Twitter. The Muppets are loved by so many generations so I wanted to know everyone’s favorite Muppet? This is what everyone said.

@PixieDustDaily: Sam Eagle: He embodies our great American pride and at the same time pokes fun at our over-exuberance. As an adult I’ve grown to really like the Sam Eagle character as I see the humor in his overly patriotic ideals. When I was a kid I definitely thought the character was too weird and uninteresting. I was a stupid kid.

@HatboxMouse: My favorite Muppet is Fozzie Bear. He just has the best jokes! “Wacka, Wacka!” His jokes from anyone else aren’t funny but through the voice and stylings of Fozzie, they are funny. Maybe it’s that he is funny in his lack of good jokes. I’m not sure, but I’m glad to see him playing a good part in the upcoming Muppets tv show.

@NORMNB8S: This is like picking your favorite child. I wrote about Fozzie as my inner muppet for @thatsostelle once. I relate to him. He just wants to make people laugh. I’m similar in that I feel at ease when I know I can make someone laugh. It’s a feeling of relief, especially when you have a good joke, that someone really thinks its good.

@1MinDisneyDream: Thats Tough. Fozzie because he is often misunderstood and just wants people to enjoy his comedy. See my comment on the above post. I think Fozzie just wants to be a bigger part of the show but his role as stand up comedian falls short. However, he tends to be funny when he doesn’t try. My suggestion to anyone doing comedy is not to try so hard and you’ll get there.

@DizWire: I’ll throw in a token vote for Pepe the King Prawn. Pepe has been a constant favorite for me. His pride and his short fuse tend to be at odds with each other. He is always scheming and I love that about him. I’m not a fan of his recent clothing choices with gold chains and black turtle neck shirts but if he feels comfortable in that as a king prawn/shrimp, then more power to him.

@TheMouseSlap: Ratso Rizzo, he keeps it NYC real. F’getta bout it. Rizzo has been scheming long before Pepe and even though he isn’t an original Muppet, mice have always been a staple of the group. The great part for Rizzo is playing pal with Gonzo (Muppet Christmas Carol) or with Pepe (Muppetes From Space). That seems to be where he shines the most.

@TTAtraveler: I’ve always loved Beaker, always getting walked all over and just seems ready to snap. And that face. How could I forget this Muppet. Before Kenny died in every South Park episode, Beaker was getting blown up, stretched, flattened, and otherwise beat up in nearly any part he has ever had. He always looks like he knows he is 5 seconds from being killed yet he always goes along with what ever Dr. Honeydew does. Love it. Always great for a laugh.

@NORMNB8S: I answered earlier but I wanted to give an honorable mention to Sweetums. I guess you can answer twice. I’ve never said anything against it. Sweetums has been a supporting character to everyone on the main cast but he does have his following. People seem to love Sweetums. Maybe it’s because he is so big but at the same time so…well…sweet!

@ZamboniNerd: Statler and Waldorf because they always make me laugh with their sarcastic comments. The perfect opposition to Fozzy Bear and the rest of the Muppets from time to time are the worst hecklers in the world. Stand up comedians have always had hecklers and whomever came up with this duo is genius. It’s amazing how long they’ve stayed as a major part of the show considering that they aren’t technically part of the Muppets crew.

@Beccaberry73: Gotta be Statler & Waldorf 🙂 LOVE their jokes! I’m surprised by how many people love these guys! Just goes to show that they are a big part of who the Muppets are!

Thanks to everyone who talked Muppets with me all day! It was a great time and it’s only building excitement for the upcoming Muppets show on ABC this Fall! If you are excited or you didn’t get to share on Twitter who your favorite Muppet is, be sure to leave a comment below! If you are interested in participating in Tweets From Tuesday, be sure to follow me by clicking the link below my name. See ya next week!

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