Top 5: Characters in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe

Now that we are 11 films and 3 television series into what Marvel calls it’s cinematic universe, and with only one more film as part of “Phase 2” of the project (Ant-Man will be the last in the series this summer.) it’s safe to say that we have met a plethora of characters that have brought this universe to life. Looking back at all of these films, it’s amazing what they all contribute. Both villains and heroes have made substantial differences in where we were in the original Iron Man film to where we are now after the Avengers: Age of Ultron. This universe has changed and if we see all of these films taking place at nearly the same time, there are some stand out characters that this universe needs. My top 5 characters are those that have brought delight to watchers but have also changed the universe for better or for worse. These 5 characters bring something unique and interesting to the franchise. Here are my Top 5 characters in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.


#5-Daredevil/Matt Murdock. If you haven’t been able to check out the Netflix’s series, you should make the time. The great thing about a television series versus a film is that it has time. I understand Matt Murdock more than any other character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It’s not a story that changes the game for the world or the universe, but it does showcase one thing better than almost any other film and that’s humanity. At the end of the day, many of these characters aren’t just people that walk the streets, pay rent, go on dates, and struggle just to get by. The Daredevil story tells us that some heroes are still human and that despite their great intentions, they are still a person that needs to get up in the morning and do their job so they can buy groceries and pay for their home. It’s more of a personal story (more so than Hawkeye’s story in Age of Ultron) and for that it makes this list.


#4-Thor. You’ll eventually notice that Captain America didn’t make my list, and he almost landed here instead of Thor. Despite Cap’s ability to be a leader, it is Thor’s godliness that protects the universe. He isn’t just part of the Avengers, but is a much larger character than that. Being an Avenger is only part of his life. He is a ruler of a world and defends the universe much more than any of the other Avengers will ever know. Without Thor in the MCU we may have already seen the destruction of Earth and many other planets including Asgard.

#3-Star Lord/Peter Quill. It’s a weird character to put at this spot but hear me out! Star Lord, a petty thief, got caught up in something much bigger than himself and he faced up to his fears as well as wrangled his team of “guardians” to save a planet. Peter Quill, without knowing of his possible powers, rallied everyone as a leader, maybe even better than Captain America, to defeat an unstoppable force. I look forward to Quill continuing to be a leader in the universe and saving multiple planets as well as making sure his crew is safe.


#2-Loki. The only villain on this list (as of now) due to his serious change in the universe. His battles with Thor and the Avengers brought serious changes to the Universe. The Avengers are much different after “the incident” in New York and Loki is the longest lasting in any of the stories in the MCU so far. Loki’s charisma as well as his devious ways has also made him a fan favorite and we are sure to see him in future films due to his popularity making sure that his battles with The Avengers aren’t over yet!


#1-Iron Man/Tony Stark. The Avengers are a sophisticated group that have a billionaire at their disposal. Without Tony Stark, much of the Avengers ability to track down villains as well as battle them with many of their gadgets, would not exist. Even though Cap is considered the leader, Iron Man is the most important member of the team, not because of what he brings to battles, but because he is the financial and technological support of the team. On the other side of this, Tony Stark is also the cause for what will eventually tear the team apart. The Avengers wouldn’t have battled Ultron if it weren’t for Stark creating him. Stark is his own enemy and in that case, an enemy of The Avengers, but they need him for his support financially and technologically. He is the most crucial part of the MCU because without Tony Stark, the universe might as well have been destroyed already.

What characters do you think are the most important in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe? How would you rank them and why? Who’s your favorite character? Leave you comments and keep the conversation going!

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