Tweets From Tuesday: What Marvel Avenger Would You Be?


If you haven’t seen the second Avengers movie, Age of Ultron, what are you waiting for? It’s had tons of great reception as well as being another huge box office draw for Marvel. So I decided to keep the Avengers momentum going. I asked my Twitter followers which Avenger they would want to be if they could and why? I would be Hawkeye because he is just a regular guy with great accuracy and he is trained to be lethal. He doesn’t have the super powers so he can go home at the end of the day and be a father and a husband. So what did everyone else say.

@JamboEveryone: Thor cause chicks love a big hammer. Thor does have a big hammer, as well as alien strength, plus he can fly. I’m pretty sure chicks dig flying too right!

@dolewhipdaily: I would be Thor. He can travel between worlds, he is royalty, the hammer is cool and Queen Amidala is in love with him! Out of all of the “relationships” among the Avengers, Thor might have the coolest as he is in love with a Star Wars Queen. Thor has the most going for him outside of the Avengers but his plate is pretty full.

@FrozenInferno: Natasha duh, because she’s a take-no-ish bad ass 🙂 Black Widow is a trained assassin and she is one of the more relatable characters from the franchise. Despite the lack of a Black Widow stand alone film, or lack of merchandise featuring the character, Natasha has her own following and hopefully sooner than later Marvel realizes they have a big character on their hands.

I was hoping for more feedback but being super busy didn’t allow for me to post out my question as much as I would have liked. Hopefully more Marvel questions will be on their way. Thanks to those of you who did tweet back. If you are interested in being part of Tweets From Tuesday next week, be sure to lookout for my question on my Twitter page every Tuesday and only on Tuesdays. Until next week!

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