Tweets from Tuesday: Best Way to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo at Disney Parks?


I’m back from vacation and I am excited to catch one of my unusually favorite holidays, Cinco De Mayo. Growing up in Denver, we have a pretty large Cinco De Mayo crowd. Tons of restaurants have specials, many streets have parades, and everyone seems to have a wonderful day. Last year I was at Disneyland to celebrate and I saw tons of great traditional Mexican outfits. This year I barely missed celebrating at Walt Disney World where I probably would have setup camp at La Cave Del Tequila all day with margaritas and guacamole. This is also a day to possibly catch a rare sighting of one of my favorite characters in all of Disney, Jose Carioca! So I turned to Twitter to see how they would celebrate this wonderful holiday at the parks. Here is what you guys said.

@caitlizgrace: I wouldn’t, but it seems a lot of people go to the world showcase, specifically Mexico. This would be a great first stop for anyone at Walt Disney World. Hanging out at the Mexico pavilion, you are sure to find some Mariachis, characters in Mexican garb, and some yummy food!

@SixBubbles: Epcot? I mean, I’ve never actually celebrated it but I assume Mexico would be the place to be. Like I had said above, it’s probably the best spot at Walt Disney World. It may also be a busy spot too if everyone is giving me this answer!

@ggoz83: Taco salad from Pecos Bills! #thebest Finally getting outside of Epcot’s Mexico pavilion, if you are hanging at Magic Kingdom, any day is a good day for Pecos Bills because you can really load up at the condiment bar there. A taco salad with all kidns of fixings will fill you up. From there I say grab your sombrero and head for a ride at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!

@peterjcarreiro: I would sit on the outside of the Cantina San Angel, and watch all the people celebrating. I love people watching, especially at the Disney Parks. Taking it easy with some snacks and watching people as they converse, watch the Mariachi’s play and see if any great rare characters come out to meet the guests! the Cantina is also a great spot to sit lakeside and watch as they setup Illuminations!

@foxmomof4: La Cava Del Tequila of course! Salud! This last trip was the first time I got to hang in La Cava and to say that Cinco De Mayo is a good day for an avacado margarita and some guacamole is an understatement. A great place to cool off, enjoy some conversation, and celebrate the holiday!

Thanks to those of you who helped celebrate Cinco De Mayo with me. If you are interested in helping me celebrate every Tuesday, make sure to follow me on Twitter and answer my question on Tuesdays. I post it multiple times a day so you can’t miss it if you check out my feed! See ya next week with more tweets!

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