Top 5: Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Panchito Pistoles

It’s no real secret that I’m a big fan of The Three Caballeros. I don’t know why but I am. I grew up watching the movie all the time. I love the music. I love the weird animation. Most importantly to me, I love the characters. Donald was always one of my favorites. I’ve aalways had admiration for Jose Carioca. In recent times, I’m falling for the coolness of Panchito Pistoles.  When animators made The Three Caballeros, Panchito was the only one that hadn’t appeared in a previous film and had to be made up. He was given simple yet cultural traits that would best fit the character for a global audience. So here are my top 5 awesome things you didn’t know about one of my favorite characters in Disney history, Panchito Pistoles!


#5-Longest Name of any Disney Character. Culturally, the Mexican people have longer names as they carry their father and mother’s last names. Panchito’s last name would traditionally be Quintero Gonzalez. His full name is actually Panchito Romero Miguel Junipero Francisco Quintero Gonzalez III. That’s a pretty long name but not out of the ordinary for someone from Mexico. It’s a tiny detail added into the film to make a reference to traditions.

#4-Only Package Film with an Attraction in Florida. The Mexico pavilion  at Epcot currently boasts the only “Package Film” attraction in Walt Disney World. When the Magic Kingdom was first built, Fantasyland had Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. That attraction boasted the same, but when Mr. Toad made way for a Winnie the Pooh attraction and the Mexico Pavilion in Epcot got a revamp with a Three Caballeros makeover, Panchito can now make that claim. Of course, he shares screen time with Donald and Jose too! I just love this little fact.

panchito 1

#3-Panchito’s Pistolas. In Spanish, words are either female or male. Hand gun or pistol is a female word and is normally spelled Pistolas, but I would assume animators either didn’t know or used an “e” instead to make Panchito’s nickname easier to pronounce.

#2-In Love with Clara Cluck. It’s never referenced in any short cartoon or film, but in comic strips and later comic books, Panchito is in love with Clara Cluck, the operatic singing hen from “The Little Hen”. That short is also the debuting for Donald. Clara pops up here and there in other things, but her claim to fame is “The Little Hen”. It’s also fitting that a rooster would fall in love with a chicken so I guess this isn’t overly surprising, but it is something you don’t see or hear about much.

Museum remembers 'Aztec Eagles'

#1-Air Force Panchito. The U.S. Air Force called one of it’s B-25J planes Panchito as it painted the character on the nose of the plane. It fought in battle during World War II and was later built again only to now be part of a air show called Rag Wings and Radials.

Do you have something I don’t know about Panchito or The Three Caballeros altogether? This Top 5 completes my other two on Donald and Jose so this will close out my Three Caballeros posts…until I find something else to write about them!

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  1. Actually, the Mexican Air Force used Panchito as their “pet” in the “Escuadrón 201”

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