Tweets From Tuesday: Best Disney Deluxe Resort?


First of all, let me point out that this series has gone from being called “Tweets ON Tuesday” to Tweets FROM Tuesday” as I am changing this to being posted either the night of Tuesday or on Wednesday. I’m currently working a bunch on Modern Mouse Boutique and the Modern Mouse Radio podcast that I’m, at times, not able to get to this article on Tuesday night. That being said, lets get into this weeks tweets!

I’m heading down to Orlando in two weeks and this will be my first time staying at a resort other than Pop Century or one of the All Star resorts. Despite my lack of staying at any upscale resort, I do love visiting the deluxe resorts and have been to most of them. I know I’m not the only one that enjoys spending time at these great hotels so I put the question out to everyone as to which resort they would want to stay at or visit and why. These were your answers from Twitter!

@NORMNB8S: My current favorite deluxe is Animal Kingdom Lodge. It’s quiet, I love the theme, the music, the CMs, and the smells from the restaurants. But my current “wish” is the Grand Floridian. It just has this extravagance about it that I love. Admittedly, I’m a hotel snob. I’ll admit that I’m snobby about most things, but I’ve never been snobby about Disney hotels. As long as it’s clean and pleasant, which they all are, I tend to be fine, but I would love to stay at either Animal Kingdom Lodge or Grand Floridian. I’d like to walk around Grand Floridian in a bath robe with some champagne. Is that a bad dream?

@1MinDisneyDream: The Polynesian is my number 1 choice. I think the Poly has the nostalgia factor as well as the romance. Plus it has the Monorail. I’m on board with all of this. The Polynesian has been my dream hotel since I was a kid. It has great food, great ambiance, and it’s directly across from that darn castle!

@JKDisneyHip: Poly. It’s was the most magical time I have ever had at a deluxe resort (AKL and WL excluded). I have yet to experience staying at one of these but I would probably not pick the Polynesian as my first. I’m all about the Boardwalk right now. That will probably be my first deluxe!

@Moertimer_Mouse: AK Lodge. Not been, but sent a coworker based on love for it & he said it was lame. Luckily, he’s an idiot! I’ve advised many people to stay on property but some people just don’t get it. They see the whole experience as strange. It’s Disney World! It’s different than staying at the Hilton! I understand your pain.

@giodisney: Contemporary, a monorail goes through the hotel!!!! Come one! I would have said Animal Kingdom Lodge but @JimGaffigan said it best after a few days it’d be, “giraffe again….” Funny enough, my least favorite resort is the Contemporary. I think it’s super cool that the monorail goes right through it but at the end of the day I think that is all it has going for it. To be fair, I have never stayed there nor have I ever eaten there or stayed for too long a period of time. I’m sorry to comedian Jim Gaffigan, I would rather pick the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

@yohoyohoblogger: The Wilderness Lodge is so beautiful! You have Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue or can walk to the petting zoo and fake geysers. Now that is awesome! I’m from Colorado and I know a great lodge when I see one. This is a wonderful place. Despite it being in the middle of Florida there is something about it that takes you to the rugged West. If we are comparing, I really like the Grand Californian over The Wilderness Lodge but they are in two separate states so we won’t make that comparison!

Thanks to those of you that got involved in this week’s Tweets From Tuesday! If you want to be a part of any future installment, please follow me on Twitter and when I post my question on Tuesdays (it’s pretty much all I post) be sure to answer back!

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  1. I missed out on Tuesday Tweets this week so I’ll drop my 2 cents here. My favorite deluxe resorts are AKL and Grand Floridian. AKL gets my nod for best concierge lounge and best atmosphere; just feels like home when I walk in there. Grand Flo is great for location, easy to get around, and dining variety. Boardwalk would be on the bottom for lack of convenience (other than Epcot location) and not very exciting on the atmosphere front.

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