Modern Mouse Radio #78: Armchair Imagineers w/ Big Fat Panda


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We return to our signature series, Armchair Imagineers, this week with guest John Saccheri aka Big Fat Panda. Before the guys get into discussing this weeks Imagineering topic, they get to know John and we hear about how he got into Disney and when he first visitid Walt Disney World. We talk about the origins of the Big Fat Panda name and the highlights that he has had from doing his show on YouTube, including an appearance by Keith! We also get into a few discussions about Trader Sams’ Grog Grotto, being a Disney YouTuber, and meeting some cool people while making his dreams come true.

Then we get into the bulk of the ideas. Armchair Imagineering is a fake way for us to get creative and think of some great additions to the parks. Since John is from the Walt Disney World area, we stick with that area. Everyone was given the challenge to come up with a new parade and stick it into one of the theme parks, water parks, or Downtown Disney. There is no monetary ceiling. Since we are just playing, no limits were put onto anyone except that this parade had to make sense and fit into one of the parks.

We start off with Keith who brings up Disney’s Theatrical Productions. Being from New York, Keith has seen several of the shows and would like to see a parade showcasing some of the numbers from these Broadway shows including The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Mary Poppins. He’s been on a high from seeing Newsies so he would like to see it at the tale end of his parade in a big closing number!

John brings the idea of a fully themed Haunted Mansion nighttime parade at Liberty Square. We can see the mansion off in the distance as Madame Leota, Master Gracey, and even the portraits come to life. Floats, music, and projections all get brought up to celebrate one of Walt Disney’s crowning achievements and the last attraction he himself worked on.

Josh brings back up the idea of a Broadway style production taking over Disney’s Streets of America. Josh doesn’t focus just on the Disney productions but classic Broadway as well. He brings in show numbers from Annie and Little Shop of Horrors as well as Aladdin and Newsies. Using the street atmosphere is key for Josh as we see people opening up windows and doors to sing songs and dancing on rooftops.

We want to thank John for joining the show this week. Be sure to check out his website ( as well as his YouTube and Twitter pages!

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