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Disney’s Maleficent, regardless of your opinion of the film, was a big smash hit for the Walt Disney company last year and with that in mind, Disney has greenlit several live action film adaptations of their classic animated films. We just saw the release of Cinderella and we can look forward to upcoming live action films like The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, Dumbo, another stupid Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland film, and the just announced Mulan. I have mixed feelings, but I’m not sure if I’m the only one that feels like that. I enjoyed Cinderella but I didn’t care for Maleficent. In that same vein I don’t know if I will like or hate the upcoming Disney live action remakes. So I opened it up to Twitter and asked what movies they don’t want to see end up being Disney live action remakes to see if they like this idea or hate it. Here is what everyone said!

@gioDisney: all, I think it’s stupid to just remake and reboot everything and that’s what these are. Just come up with original ideas. So you may not want to hear me say that Disney animation studios is looking to make theatrical sequels to many of their latest films including Frozen, Wreck It Ralph, and Big Hero 6?

@TTAtraveller: leave the Aristocats in the corner and animated where nobody notices it. We all saw what happened with 101 Dalmatians….Glenn Close is a great actress but I’m in agreement that the live action 101 Dalmations and the two sequels that followed will never touch the original animated film.

@9thRook: Lion King. I don’t think singing lions transfers well to the real world. Would they have CGI lips? Either CGI lips or full on CGI lions! Both are scary and Disney already made a Disney Nature film about lions so please let Lion King be. How epic would a live action Mufasa death scene be though huh?

@jamboeveryone: any – after the horror that was Maleficient they should stop. Obviously you haven’t seen Cinderella which was pretty good, but Maleficent definitely stunk for me.

@timbond: The Rescuers would be so much CGI that it would be mostly animated anyway. This goes for what was said about the Lion King too. I would like to see a goofy albatross flying with two mice in a tin can on it’s back. Maybe that’s just some weird thing I’d like to see though.

@Haisai_DBarenzu: I’m for most of these remakes, but if I had one choice that isn’t happening ATM… “Pocahontas”. Like “Mulan”, the actual mythos of “Pocahontas” streams too mature for a Disney’s re-telling. Unlike “Mulan” though, they haven’t officially considered said option, so I’d definitely stick with “Pocahontas” there. This is probably more true than most would like to admit. Disney can’t take as many historical liberties in the live action world without some backlash from someone. Stories of underage girls with older men and brutal wars between Natives and Europeans isn’t really that Disney.

@DeLuxODonnell92: All of them, except ‘The Black Cauldron’. The source material should be reconsidered, assuming Disney still has the rights. You might be onto something there but if Black Cauldron was a scary animated film, I could only imagine a live action tale. Probably not something Disney wants to remake. They would rather forget they made that film.

@mholley579: Robin Hood, Pinocchio, Aladdin, Lion King just what I can think of right now. I can probably guarantee Aladdin being made whether or not you’d like to see it. I’m sure a Robin Hood animal film won’t be made and the story has been done on film so many times it’s rediculous. I don’t think Lion King can be an option but I do remember that Jonathon Taylor Thomas was in a Pinocchio live action film in the 1990s and it wouldn’t surprise me if Disney wanted to make that film now.

@DisneyPods: Up, The Aristocats, Lady and the Tramp, And to flip it, I would not want a fully animated Mary Poppins. All of these movies I would be in complete agreement with. I don’t think the world is ready to see a live action Kevin but I might want to see two real life dogs eating pasta and accidentally kissing.

@MoJoDisney: Cinderella, Jungle Book, Dumbo, Alice in Wonderland….oh wait! seriously, not gonna be a fan of a live action Aristocats. Like I said, I’m on the fence for many of these films. I remember the live action Jungle Book film from the 1990s and it was weird, but if they don’t go over the top and have singing CGI bears, I’m fine with that. I really enjoyed Cinderella! I don’t know if I can even witness Johnny Depp dancing in another Wonderland movie, and Dumbo sounds like an awful idea from the start. I think I will also put Aristocats in the same category as Dumbo. An awful idea from the start.

@TheMouseSlap: Toy Story I think i would be freaked out for days. Oh my god! Just thinking about it creeps me out. No thanks! This is some Stephen King stuff I don’t think my nightmares can handle.

Thanks to everyone that answered. If you want to participate and help me write next Tuesday’s or any Tuesday post, be sure to follow me on Twitter at the link below and if you have an awesome answer that didn’t make this post, be sure to comment below because I love hearing your thoughts!

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