Top 5: Drinking Spots at Walt Disney World

Last week, I mentioned that I had to split the Disney Parks into two because there were just so many great watering holes at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. I mentioned the places I loved at Disneyland first so now is my time to explore the vastness that is the Florida Project. There are at least 100 or more places to grab a drink at Walt Disney World, but I know when I go somewhere I want an experience I can’t get at home. So my list will bring you the best of the Disney experience that you won’t find at your local pub.

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#5-Big River Grille and Beerworks. Unless you live in some beer haven like Denver (I have 4 breweries within walking distance) or Portland, finding a brewery where you can sample all of the beers made in house is a rarity. Big River has a great selection of any type of beer from your light ales to your stouts. It’s a nice way to spend an afternoon on the Boardwalk, especially if you are staying in one of the nearby hotels. The Boardwalk is also less crowded than Downtown Disney Springs so it’s nice and relaxing.

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#4-Mizner’s Lounge. On the second level of the Grand Floridian Hotel tucked away behind the big band setup is Mizners and it’s such a small intimate place. The lounge is a bit more formal and a good adult date night out if you are a couple. The room is filled with windows overlooking the Seven Seas Lagoon and the Magic Kingdom park so it’s a great view anytime of day, especially during fireworks. Classic cocktails is what I would aim for here and strike up a conversation with anyone until the band starts playing, then just relax with some jazz and a martini.

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#3-Dawa Bar. This bar seems old, worn, and perfect. After trekking through Animal Kingdom, it’s a cool spot to relax. More importantly it serves up imported African wines and beers which you won’t find anywhere else. The Dawa Bar does get busy but is worth the stop for something unique in the hot Florida sun.

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#2-Tune-In Lounge. Inside my favorite resaurant at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the 50s Prime Time Cafe hosts it’s own little lounge. The drink menu here isn’t amazing, as it can be found at most bars on property, but the atmosphere is what you look for here. 50’s Prime Time Cafe is themed to the home of a 1950’s sitcom and that carries over into the lounge which takes up the “living room”. The bartender pretends to be a long lost uncle and your tab is a “grocery list” that mom is sending you out the door with. It’s cool to sit in this lounge, especially when it isn’t that busy because there are so many cute details here to check out as well as some in character servers and bartenders to talk to.

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#1-La Cava del Tequila. Inside the Mexico pavilion at Epcot is the gem of Walt Disney World. Epcot boasts genuine flavors from around the world at many of it’s different pavilions but none greater than Cava. The Tequila Cave is just that, a small hollowed out cave inside the pavilion. The Mexico pavilion is already impressive because it’s completely indoors and it’s always twilight. Sitting inside Cava del Tequila will make you think that you are sitting in a small bar at 10pm at some resort in Mexico. It’s varying tequila tastings and flavors of margaritas is on point. These are drinks you won’t find at any local Mexican food restaurant. These are unique solely to Walt Disney World. Find your way to Cava for a great way to end your night or begin your journey around World Showcase after lunch.

Agree or disagree with my list? There were plenty of bars I didn’t put on this list, what’s your favorite? Why should it be included? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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