Tweets on Wednesday: Favorite Disney Villain?


I’ve always been a big fan of Disney villains. At times, the villains have been cooler than the protagonists. I attribute that to the personalities they get to voice these characters as well as the writing team because they do a phenomenal job with making the bad guys so likeable. Anyways, I’m always curious to hear who everyone likes because everyone has different opinions on what makes someone bad and who is more sympatheic as a villain. So I opened it up to Twitter and here is everyone’s answer!

@MagicalDaddy: Maleficent, not only because she is the Mistress of All Evil, but who can deny her villainous charm? She is drawn and acted out in a way that is very charming. If you didn’t know better, you may end up liking her before she cursed you or something!

@DizneyCTC: Definitely Ursula. Always loved her, but loved her even more when I found out she was inspired by Norma Desmond. I’ve always liked the drag queen tidbit and Ursula is such a perfect antagonist to Ariel who isn’t jaded like she is. She gets how life really is.

@dickiep1018: The Headless Horseman! He is the only villain that actually scared me! This is one of my favorite films and he truly is frightening. I’d completely agree with this.

@PixieDustDaily: Captain Hook is a great role model. No matter how many times he gets shut down by Peter Pan or Jake, he never gives up! To think of it, he really is a great role model! He’s also quite a charmer with the ladies!

@magiededisney: Cruella de Vil! Hires people to kill 99 puppies so she could wear them. That’s evil. I’m a big lover of puppies so yes! She also has the best villain name and theme song.

@JamboEveryone: Mother Gothel – she is the nastiest. Her psychological terrorism is so cruel. No one is more bad ass. Gothel is someone who I could see being a real person more than any of the other villains. Someone who plays mind games to get what they need. Probably happens far more often than someone killing 99 puppies.

@JHecker: Pete. Old school. I do love Pete, but he did get softer as time went on. Did anyone watch Goof Troop of The Goofy Movie? He seems pretty chill now.

@WDWParkHopper: Doctor Facilier because he’s the shadow man with friends on the other side. I would probably rank this on the top of my list. That New Orleans voodoo creeps me out and to have a character that uses that black magic is scary.

@TTAtraveler: too many:Cruella de Vil, Edgar the butler, Disco Yeti, Evil Eisner (Communicore Weekly musical). But I’ll go w/ King Candy. Go ahead and plug Communicore Weekly because we are great friends with George and Jeff. I love the musical and the Evil Eisner robot they go to battle with. Not technically Disney villain though. King Candy however is a Disney Villain and he is one I don’t normally think about. Maybe his alter ego, Turbo, is scarier, but King Candy seems like a weird guy my dad would be friends with and I wouldn’t like.

That’s all this week. Thanks to those of you who shared your opinions! If you want to be a part of next week’s Twitter question be sure to follow me on Twitter by clicking the link below. You can also continue this conversation by leaving a comment down below to let me know who your favorite villain is.

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