Tweets on Tuesday: Best E-Ticket Attraction?


The reason people flock to Disney Parks is because of the big E-Ticket attractions. They are the things we go home talking about and what we want to go back for. Since Disneyland opened in 1955, the parks have had one of a kind experiences that you can’t find anywhere else. So I thought it would make a great question if I asked what my twitter followers thought was the best E-Ticket attraction at any of the parks. What do they go home bragging about? What do they want to ride the moment they get there? These are the things that get me excited about my future visits so here are your answers for the best E-Ticket attraction at Disney Parks!

@DisDawgs: TOT, great ride, great story. My favorite part about the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is that it’s completely immersive from the moment you step in line until the moment you leave the attraction. There aren’t very many attractions like it. Plus, who doesn’t love to be spooked from time to time!

@BroncoTruck: Indiana Jones Adventure. Jaw droppingly detailed, intense, exciting, never breaks the illusion. All around best. Disneyland’s Indiana Jones attraction really is detailed. The queue is inspired by so much of the movies it makes you feel like you are part of it or at least walking through the sets of the film. The ride itself has so many details that it’s hard to point all of them out and will require multiple ride throughs which I’m sure nobody is complaining about.

@CRufener: Indiana Jones Best ride ever! Like I previously mentioned, Indiana Jones is immersive and detailed. It definitely stands out as a must do for any tourist. When I put the question out there, I knew at least one person would jump on this attraction above any other.

@gioDisney: it would have to be Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland. It’s my first ride every trip to Disney. Pirates is a classic attraction. It was touched by Walt Disney himself and was a huge project. I don’t think there will ever be anything like it again. It’s such a long ride and it’s detailed from the beginning all the way to the end. So much to look at and see. I think it’s Walt’s ultimate ride!

@WesAList: Haunted Mansion. An attraction I never tire of riding full of excellent detail. Everytime I go on I notice something new. Speaking of Walt, this was an attraction in the plans when Walt was alive but it changed quite a bit after his death. Haunted Mansion stands as a test of Disney’s Imagineers after Walt. New Orleans Square at Disneyland only has two attractions, Pirates and the Haunted Mansion but I can’t say that there is any better land in the park because of these two classic E-Ticket attractions.

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