Modern Mouse News: Jungle Cruise Restaurants and Cinderella Stories



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Stories Discussed This Week
Cinderella Opening Weekend
New Tomorrowland Trailer
Daredevil on Netflix
Disneyland’s Innoventions Refurbishment
Grizzly Peak Airfield
Limited Shirts on Disney Store site
WDW’s Soarin and Toy Story Mania Growing
Rumored Jungle Cruise Resaurant


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  1. Jared McMullen

    Another great show! You were talking about the buses at WDW and you can take buses from one park to another without have to stop at a resort. When I was out the last year I was able to take a bus from Animal Kingdom to Epcot with no stops. Anyway, just wanted to let you know you’re able to do that. And Josh, this is Jared from Colorado Springs, I’ve been looking… And I can not find that grapefruit beer in Colorado. I was wrong about that on Facebook. But do try it when you’re at Epcot! :o)

    Thanks again for the great work you guys do!

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