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I’m a musician and I love music for films, whether that be some catchy sing-a-long songs or a brilliant score that makes you remember your favorite parts of the film. I know people love certain songs from Disney films, but it’s difficult to say that one song makes an entire soundtrack great. So I decided to put it to the test and see what everyone thought the best Disney soundtrack was. Not a song, but the entire soundtrack from beginning to end. I was overwhelmed by the responses I got, and am now thinking I may have to start narrowing down responses and options from future Twitter posts on the site. I will always try my best to include everyone, in this one I have, but if it gets to be too many, I will include the best responses of the bunch. I digress, here is everyone’s responses for Best Disney Soundtrack!

@ScottQuaile: Impossible question……. Jungle Book, no reason, I think it’s the most innovative for it’s time, hard to answer. The music made me want to see the movie, normally for me it’s the other way around. After thinking it was impossible, I’m glad you came to the first decision of the bunch which has some amazing jazz and probably one of the best jazz soundtracks to a Disney film.

@WDWpodreview: UP! It tugs and heart strings and gets the blood flowing at just the right times. The music from UP is fitting as it elicits feelings so well. It makes you feel all of the feels and that’s what a good score should too. I can’t remember how the score goes but that’s a good thing as a score like that shouldn’t be overly noticeable.

@heybrucewright: lion king. Always. Like…always? I think there are some other great soundtracks and always listening to Lion King might get old after a bit. Seriously though, Lion King from top to bottom is great but the early 1990s were just such a great time for Disney musicals.

@kammiesue: I agree with Lion King would have to add Aladdin and The Little Mermaid too. This backs up my theory that the early 90s were the best time for Disney musicals.

@zeejaydee: Rocketeer. Hands down. This! I’m bias because I love Rocketeer…but yes!

@TTATraveller: I’ve always loved the Aristocats! Scales and Arpeggios will always have a place in my heart. That and then Mary Poppins<3 When I said Jungle Book had the best soundtrack, I think I’m right, but Aristocats has the most underrated soundtrack on this list so far. Mary Poppins on the other hand would be my pick as it’s just iconic and every song is the best Sherman Brothers song written.

@YoPaulieNJ: Empire Strikes Back. Because John Williams. John Williams has done many iconic scores for films. Star Wars is no different. Since Star Wars is now under the banner of Disney I will go with YES!…however I would have voted for Raiders of the Lost Ark instead of we are going for a Lucasfilm movie.

@RyanKilpatrick: Mary Poppins due to the sheer number of iconic songs. This is what I’m saying. Every. Single. Song! It’s that good. No other musical movie soundtrack is as memorable as Mary Poppins.

@SuperWriterMom: I’m partial to Beauty & the Beast which is as solid as any Broadway musical. Honorable mention to Pirates of the Caribbean. Most overlooked would prob be Hunchback which is also SOLIDLY good. Beauty and the Beast is solid and it went on to prove that it could be one of Broadway’s top theater shows. Pirates falls under the same banner as Star Wars. When you hear that bit of music you know exactly what film it’s from. Overlooked, like Aristocats, is Hunchback but it was one of the later films of the great Disney musical era of the 1990s.

@JamboEveryone: I can’t decide between Lion King, Jungle Book, Robin Hood and Princess and the Frog. All options that I think are great. Robin Hood is another underrated soundtrack and a great folk soundtrack.

@DrunkAtDisney: man Robin Hood is tough to beat. If you are into that style of folky country blues, then it’s top notch. Not even for a Disney song, just in music generally.

@haisai_DBarenzu: Got a few: “TRON Legacy”, “Lilo & Stitch” + “Big Hero 6”. Mainly because of the feel and atmosphere of each respectively. Oh yeah, and “The Lion King” as well is another favorite of mine. Same reasons as the previous. All of these have great mood music. Tron has the help of having one of the hottest electronic groups around doing the tracks. As for Lilo and Stitch and Big Hero 6, neither is a musical, but they do make you feel as if you are a part of the film.

@HackLaSalle: animated: Aladdin just a classic. live action: Tron Legacy. Aladdin hasn’t been posted on this list yet? Really? That surprises me because the 10 year old me would say it’s the best soundtrack ever. Another film from the early 1990s that just rocked all of the songs from top to bottom. My answer back for Tron goes to what was said above.

@DisneyHipsters: Bedknobs And Broomsticks. Amazing Sherman Brothers songs. Age Of Not Believing is an under rated classic…plus it has a menacing but jaunty score. Kind of eerie and whimsical. I haven’t seen this film in a while but I would agree that this film is full of great Sherman Brothers songs. An underrated film all around.

@BufferflyBrie: Brother Bear, Hercules and Hunchback. All empowering, beautiful soundtracks. Brother Bear is something I find myself listening. I like the entire score. I’m also a fan of gospel music and I know Hercules brought that to my attention.

@pistolwhipjeff: Lion King I sing every song like a kid. It’s worth noting that any of these songs are the best when sung in the car ar the top of your lungs looking like a crazy person.

@Amandimation: Tarzan. Incredibly memorable/catchy. Phil Collins does that to people!

@rkellyWDW: Princess and the Frog. Multiple representations of Louisiana styles. Very singable too. One of the soundtracks I listen to all the time. I love cajun and creole music. The music makes that film for me.

@TheDisneyProject: Pinocchio. Aside from best-known Disney song ever, has some great tunes & score. Why hasn’t anyone said this yet! Pinocchio’s songs continue to be hits, even after decades of time gone by. Some of the best animation in film history as well. Stands up to anything that is coming out now.

@magiededisney: Tangled! It’s all about freedom and dreams, I love that. Second is probably Ratatouille because of the parisian vibe! I love that acoustic guitar type of folksy love song style that this film has. It feels like it’s very personal and deep. Even deeper than the film really is. I’m in love with music that fits a French cafe. Ratatouille, along with Monsters Inc., probably has the best Pixar soundtrack and score.

@thedisneybeat: first two that came to mind were the Hunchback of Norte Dame and The Princess and The Frog….Hunchback captures the epic romance of Disney and Princess and the Frog, always makes me dance and smile. I don’t remember much of Hunchback but I remember it being very grandiose and epic. Princess and the Frog, and that New Orleans jazz, always makes me smile.

@traveljenn: Tarzan! That soundtrack is a Phil Collins masterpiece It’s fantastic. It’s the best album Phil Collins put out in the 1990s. Is that weird to say? It’s true though. Great story told through songs.

@braindud92: maybe it’s too obvious, but Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 should be 1 & 2 then it’s broken down by era; Sherman Brothers: Poppins; Menken: Beauty & Beast; The Lopez’s: Frozen (for now). I guess it wasn’t that obvious as it wasn’t mentioned until now. I don’t think many people think of classical music because it isn’t something they sing along too, but it’s great music. It’s lasted centuries for some of those tracks!

This was fun as I got more responses than I thought I would be getting. There were so many great soundtrack choices to think about. Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@ModernMouseJosh) and you can participate next week. I post a question every Tuesday multiple times a day.

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