Tweets on Tuesday: Do Price Hikes Change Your Vacation?


This past weekend, Disney Parks upped their prices once again, as it’s becoming a yearly tradition, making some of it’s single day park tickets over $100 a person. I’ve seen so many people posting about it. With so many posts about it, I turned to Twitter to see what people actually thought about it. I wanted to know if the price change made anyone rethink their vacation or if they didn’t think twice about the extra cash. This is what everyone had to say.

@DrunkAtDisney: Hell no. I’m 1% bitch. Haha, well that sums things up nicely! I think that despite the price change, you are only forking over an extra $3-$5 per day which overall isn’t a large sum from what it was last year unless you have a family of 15. Then that gets expensive.

@YWTTM: it doesn’t change anything since I do live in south Florida I have so much love for the parks. That’s why there’s annual passes! Annual Passholders got a dramatic increase, unlike single park tickets. However, if you go to the theme parks over 10 times a year, it more than pays for itself. Plus you get perks like percentages off food and free parking. If I lived closer, I would definitely be a premium card holder!
@StephenP117: price makes no difference, have not known the exact price of ticket in about 8 years. This is probably what my exact answer would be. When I book a vacation at Disney World or Disneyland, I’ve done it for multiple days and price is never a factor. I’m not wealthy by any means. I struggle to pay the bills, but I set money aside for my trips and make sure I can do what I would like to on vacation no matter the cost.

@JaySway52: I’m an AP holder with parking. I heard if you renew your AP you will be able to add parking as well. Is this true? or only premium Ap’s will have parking from now on? I’m not too sure about this as I’m not familiar with the tiered Annual Pass setup and the differences in perks. Previously, you could add parking, but the cost of adding parking was pretty high that you may as well spend a few dollars more to upgrade to a premium pass. I would still assume that to be true.

I had to cut this one short as I have to hit the sack and get to work extra early tomorrow. I’m actually putting in extra time so that I can put money towards my next Disney vacation as funny as that is. Thanks to those that did answer my question and for those that didn’t get to me on time, feel free to leave your answer below or shoot me something on Twitter. I’d still love to hear your opinions. Make sure to follow me on Twitter to be involved in next week’s post!

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