Tweets on Wednesday: Best Disney Park Snack?


I know normally this post is titled Tweets on Tuesday but I had a family emergency come up so I wasn’t able to get to this post until today so it’s now Tweets on Wednesday. I know that sound stupid, but I am running with it anyways. Despite not posting this on Tuesday, I was hungry for some great Disneyland and Walt Disney World snacks so I threw a question out to the Twitters. What’s the best Disney Park snack and why? I got tons of answers, some I would assume people would say and some pretty interesting snacks I have never even had. So lets get to it.

@caitlizgrace: dole whip, because dole whip. 🙂 also cronuts because how can you go wrong with fried dough covered in sugar? Right off the bat I got a Dole Whip answer which I thought had to come my way, however I’m unfamiliar with where you can get a cronut at the Disney Parks. So I looked it up and found out that it’s in Epcot. I’ll be at Epcot in April and I believe that cronuts will be in my stomach!

@scottacampbell: turkey legs! Not even an explanation but I don’t think this one needs it. Turkey legs have been a staple of the park for a long time. I can’t even count how many I saw the last time I was at the parks. The answer is probably hundreds.

@YoPaulieNJ: Dole Whip Float. Best value for DDP, pineapple goodness, refreshing on a hot day, portable, not messy, can add rum! I had my first experience with the Dole Whip float, sans rum, in my last visit to Disneyland and I wasn’t overly into it, mostly because I’m a natural catastrophe when it comes to liquids or sauces because no matter how careful I am I end up spilling all over myself. Maybe I will give this another try and sit down to have it so I won’t feel like spilling next time.

@CRufener: Dole Whip!!! Dole Whips definitely deserve 3 exclamation marks!!!

@braindud92: popcorn, because it’s like a blank canvas…caramel is my favorite, plus those popcorn carts at DLR are fabulous. I know many people that have some sort of food allergy and popcorn is by and far the easiest and best snack for anyone with food needs. As far as the food itself, I do love popcorn, but I’m more classic butter than caramel. I’d like to try many of the flavors at Tokyo Disneyland though. As far as the popcorn carts themselves, they are hidden with great details like the popcorn turners.

@TheMouseSlap: my secret snack is dole whip or orange whip and scooping it with a churro. The best way to make me your best friend is by combining to foods I never knew could be combined to be so delicious. You win my best friend for the day award.

@OverTheTopMommy: Matterhorn Macaroon & an Abuelita! I totally forgot about the macaroons last time I was at Disneyland and I want to personally fly there right now just to have one. As for the abuelita, just like the cronut, I was unsure where to find this. Turns out that it was a part of the Viva Navidad celebration at California Adventure and I’m not exactly sure what goes in it. I do love Mexican chocolate and a Mexican hot chocolate sounds delightful, especially paired with a macaroon.

@GuySelga: Matterhorn Macaroon from Disneyland and Eukiwa Bun from DisneySea! Seriously, I will drive or fly to Disneyland for this macaroon right now if I have too. Like Keith Lapinig, I’m pretty sure Guy is bragging about how much he had fun at the Tokyo Disney resort. I’m all about trying something new so when I make the plunge to go to Japan’s Disney resort, I will probably grab a Eukiwa Bun.

@1MinDisneyDream: currently the citrus swirl. Using the word “currently” means that an opinion changes depending on the day. I’m with you here as I go back and forth on some of my favorites. Citrus Swirl is on my list to have when I’m down in Florida in April. Let’s do this!

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