Tweets on Tuesday: Most Romantic Disney Parks Spot?


Can’t you feel the romance in the air? Maybe that’s actually snowfall. Regardless, it’s Valentine’s week and heading to the Disney Parks is a great way to spend a day in love. Throughout the resorts in both Anaheim and Orlando, there are some great spots to snuggle up, eat out, laugh, and just plain be together. I got engaged at Disneyland and will be getting married at Walt Disney World so I’m a big fan of romance. I turned it over to my followers and asked them what their most romantic spot was so here are the answers I got.

@TTATraveler: Companion Restrooms. Right out of the gate someone took it to a dark place. Haha, but in all honesty I’m sure someone has made some kind of love in those bathrooms.

@365Daysof Disney: Epcot at night after Illuminations. When I first wrote the question, this was one of the first spots that came to mind. Anywhere along World Showcase’s promenade is great as it’s such a big area. That makes it easy to have some privacy. You are along the water. Fireworks. It’s such a great place to share an evening.
@MintCrocodile: The New Orleans Square fountain, listening to the sounds of the fountain, people, birds, Mark Twain & Disneyland Railroad. Ah yes, how can I forget New Orleans Square. The fountain there is a beautiful spot, but there are many others around the Square that are amazing as well. If I were to pick one land at any Disney park that I would say is romantic, it’s New Orleans Square.

@WaltsFrzenHead: The fabric store in Frontierland. It’s the only way I ever got Lillian to visit the park. I’m glad you chimed in Walt as your relationship with Lillian is very romantic. She put up with your long work hours but supported your child like enthusiasm. I’m glad that you both found your romantic spot at Disneyland too.

@1MinDisneyDream: By my side of course. And you really need to ask why. Sean from the Enchanted Tiki Talk podcast had to be Mr. Smarty Pants here! I’m not one to judge though. Maybe being with Sean is really romantic, but I think I will stick to hanging out with my fiance, Angie, at the parks.

@ModernMouseAng: At the wishing well in Disneyland because that’s where you proposed and it will always be special to me. Speaking of Angie, I’m glad that she answered my question since we did get engaged at Disneyland. I will always remember our moment by Snow White’s wishing well. I will also remember trying to make that moment all day but failing until later that night. What a wonderful and romantic memory.

Thanks to those that answered my questions via Twitter. Be sure to follow me to answer next Tuesday’s question and be featured on the site. Feel free to leave a comment below with your answer to my question as well.

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