Disney Wedding Planning Journal #10: Jan 06, 2015 (Freaking out, but not a Bridezilla)

10926419_10204977942642532_2878537116935864487_nI am not a Bridezilla. I freak out about a lot of things, mostly from anxiety, but strangely enough, the wedding hasn’t really been one of those things. That is with the exception of a few key moments, and I would like to share them with you (This post is a lot of “me, me, me,” so don’t keep reading if you don’t care about my life):
My dress alterations: I couldn’t get a hold of David’s Bridal for 4 whole business days to tell them to put a stop on the alterations on my wedding dress. You see, I wanted the halter straps taken off my dress, but I couldn’t reach anyone in alterations to tell them this. No one was picking up the phone. When I finally got a hold of them, they told me the designer would not allow this design change, then about a week later the manager called me back and said they WOULD allow this change. I scheduled a fitting 2 days later to get the straps measured to be removed, and POOF, problem solved! My biggest issue was being worried of an extra charge in case they started alterations already before I could tell them not to do them!

my shoes!!! 5" heels... I could die, but who cares at this point? I am NOT buying another pair!

my shoes!!! 5″ heels… I could die, but who cares at this point? I am NOT buying another pair!

My shoes: First I bought flats, then realized they wouldn’t be good with the dress I ended up with. Then I bought heels and was told I could either hem my dress for upwards of $100 (7 layers of fabric Ay-yi-yi!) or buy higher heels, so I went to the store and tried on higher heels in my usual size, but they were 1/2 size too small so I had to order the next size up online and when they finally came in they were too big, so I called the store I was at originally and they said they didn’t have the shoes anymore! Yikes! So, we went into the store anyway and MAGICALLY they had the shoes (someone was probably just too lazy on the phone to check stock on the shoes) and they had my size – yes, the same size I tried on that was too small before now fits perfectly. Problem solved!

Heels Above

Heels Above – get it, because they’re ABOVE… the… ground… ha. ha.

My shoes (again): I lay awake in bed until 2 am last night because I suddenly realized, I am getting married on Luau Beach at the Polynesian Resort ON THE SAND IN HEELS. So, now my worry is I can’t get flats and change the alterations on the dress YET AGAIN and I can’t buy another pair of shoes if I say, go with a wedge, because it took me 4 tries to finally get the perfect pair. I freaked out. Like full on freak out… over silly SHOES! Solution? I ended up finding a product on Amazon called “Heels Above,” that slides onto the heel of your shoe and essentially does a type of “snow shoe” effect to it where it makes the bottom wider so you don’t sink into the sand or grass in heels!

There have been little freak outs here and there along the way as well, like wondering if we would get the date we wanted for the wedding, and the date we wanted for the Bridal Portrait shoot, trying to figure out the timing for the 3-hour limo service and the 3-hour photography session overlapping, wondering if we should add time to the photographer, wondering if we have the money for this or that for the wedding, etc. etc. but all in all I have to remind myself that not everything can or will be perfect and that I just have to go with the flow, but how exactly do I do that when I don’t know where the flow is?

I would love to hear any other wedding dilemmas (especially Disney bride stories!) you may have! Leave your’s in the comments below!

Angie Carreiro

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  1. Totally normal! Well maybe because we are cousins and I get stressed over small stuff too, but also because you want it to go well. Try to have so much fun planning and know that on your wedding day you will be so busy and happy it won’t matter. Also let everyone help that day that wants to and be really in the moment because the day passes so quickly!

  2. Love the Disney Wedding articles!

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