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Big Hero 6 just debuted on iTunes and despite it’s box office success, much of the merchandise and theme park meets have died down while Frozen still remains to be a large chunk of current Disney property. I’m started to see that Big Hero 6 may become one of those underrated Disney movies that our children look back at years from now and say, “What is this?” It’s unfortunate but I think anything that came after Frozen was bound to get shoved to the side. With that being said, I turned to twitter to ask what people thought the most underrated Disney movie was and why? I got some great answers.

@COADisNerd: Pete’s Dragon. I’ll admit, it’s not stellar, but Jim Dale as Doc Terminus more than makes up for it. Elliot and Pete are two characters that were fixtures at the Disney parks for a while, especially with the Main Street Electrical Parade, but this classic film has been lost in the shuffle ever since the Electrical Parade went away…or even before then. I remember watching this as a child and I have fond memories of it. Definitely worth a viewing, especially since the rumor is it’s getting a remake.

@jonathanbriehl: Darby O’Gill and the Little People – I mean Sean Connery and Janet Munro. This 1959 live action film is definitely one of those films you have to see to understand. A drunk hangs around with the king of leprechauns and the king magically brings a handsome man and the drunk man’s daughter together. It’s a weird and strange film, but it has humorous points as well as the future 007. That’s pretty cool!

@FigmentFan22: A Goofy Movie features some of the best music and laughs of any Disney movie, but often gets ignored. The Goofy Movie being ignored is probably due to it not being part of the Disney Animation but rather the Toon Disney side of the Studios. It’s contemporary look at Goofy and his son Max on a road trip is a great film, but it’s not celebrated by Disney as much as it should be.

@DeLuxODonnell92:Underrated? I could write a whole list, but I’ll mention one: The Princess and the Frog. I think it’s better than some make it out to be. Awesome characters, a lot of creative energy, great visuals, even the animation style changes, and I’d argue that the songs are very strong too, to go with the strong story and character work. I’m infatuated with old New Orleans and this movie has it all. I’d argue for Princess and the Frog due to it’s classic hand drawn animation. It was a return to that style and I loved it. I wish they would do more films with traditional animation instead of CGI, but this will have to be my cult classic at home.

@disneydreamer91: Meet the Robinsons! It’s such a heart warming movie with an amazing message, yet it’s never raved about like it should be! I’ll be honest as I wasn’t the biggest fan of this film when it first came out, but I’ll have to give it another viewing. I did love some of the dialogue, and it was a charming film. This could end up being one of those cult films in the long run too.

@ggoz83: The Rocketeer! Totally on point here as the Rocketeer was doing the Captain America shtick long before Captain America was a film. (Of course he was a comic so maybe I’m wrong.) The Rocketeer brought much of what people loved about the movies with it’s period style Indiana Jones meets superhero feel. There were always rumors of the character getting into the theme parks but it never came to be, unless you count the popcorn popper at Tomorrowland, but that’s hardly a representation of this classic.

@PixarCorner: Definitely Princess and the Frog, doesn’t get nearly as much credit as it deserves. Awesome animation, characters, music…just plain awesome all around! Another vote for Princess and the Frog which makes me question why Disney thought this film was a failure. Despite it’s under-par box office, it has done really well in streaming and home video. People really clamor for these traditional animated musicals and this film proves it.

@YoPaulieNJ: Sword & The Stone. A true confluence of technology and the influence of the Nine Old Men. The animation department really got pushed away at the Disney studio in the 1960s and 70s but Sword in the Stone proved why Disney had been so popular in the first place. It’s funny, witty, and brings a fun look to this classic English story. I mean, who doesn’t want to pull the sword from the stone at the Disney parks? This film needs more representation. Maybe when it gets a release on Blu-Ray we will see more things pop up for it.

@NatalieKReinert: Meet the Robinsons. It’s hilarious, it’s optimistic, it’s touching. Another vote for Meet the Robinsons. Obviously this touched many of you and I need to get right on seeing this film again. I think this may be the jewel of the early 2000s that got lost among the debris.

@chasingdisney: Meet the Robinsons. Great nods to Disney nostalgia, good story and inspiring message. Alright, I must be out of touch with everyone because I didn’t see this one coming and I guess I’m the minority here. I guess I’m watching this right after I post this!

Thanks to everyone for their input. Leave your comments to below to keep the conversation going and be sure to follow me on Twitter if you want to be a part of next weeks post.

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  1. After seeing the final list, I realize there are so many underrated Disney movies. One of my all-time favorite movies made this list (Sword and the Stone – which is why I would never think of it as underrated) and a couple I totally forgot about, like The Rocketeer. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Treasure Planet! No one ever remembers it being a Disney movie, despite the animation being beautiful and having awesome voice talent like Emma Thompson. Definitely one of my favorites, especially since I like the original book, Treasure Island.

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