Disney Fashion: Hot Topic Finds Jan 2015

Photo Shoot Jan. 18 030

Got this cute Belle dress there for $22!

I don’t think it would shock anyone to know I shop at Hot Topic. Not that my style screams what you’d expect to find in there, but because, by looking at me and picturing me shopping at a Mall, well, where else could you see me walking in to?

The funny thing is, beside plugs and some retro-style dresses, I usually only go in there to buy Disney things. Did you know they have an entire section dedicated to it? You can find dresses, shirts, hair accessories, and bags galore! They have a variety of different styles, too. You can find princesses drawn in a more pin-up, tattooed style, AND characters done more on the classic side, depending on your tastes. They also have variety when it comes to clothing styles. They don’t only have classic fit t-shirts with characters that you are likely to find in the Disney parks, but they actually have uniquely patterned dresses and cutesy, stylish trends as well.

The prices aren’t half bad either. You could throw together an entire Disney-themed outfit there for under $100. The biggest reason for this is because, much like Kohl’s, not only is everything in the store always individually marked down, but there’s also usually an overall sale, like buy 1 get 1 for $1 or everything is 10 % off.

Let’s go crazy and make an outfit completely The Little Mermaid themed. So, here is a dress, bag, shoes, jewelry, and hair accessories all for under $100.

The dress:

I like this one because it’s subtle from afar, then up close you realize how utterly adorable it is – $27.60


The shoes:

Let’s go with combat boots here. They have Ariel slip ons too, but these combat boots make combat boots 324067 times cooler: $40


The hair:

You’ve got to add a bow here. I actually highly recommend checking out hair bows on Etsy.com instead of buying one here because there are a lot of sellers on there doing really unique stuff at similar prices! $5.20


The necklace:

Kiss the girl necklace – $8.40


The bag:

This bag is great for the parks; over the shoulder and big enough to fit a bunch of stuff. Hot Topic even has some awesome backpacks (one of which I have and is Ariel themed, but it is sold out!) So, here’s this Ariel hobo-bag instead! – $18.00


So all that for $99! And like I said, there’s usually a sale going on, so you could probably even add in these tights for $11.60 and still be just under $100!

hottopic6What do you think? Did you know Hot Topic had things like this? I would love to read what you have to say in the comments below!

Angie Carreiro



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