Tweets on Tuesday: Favorite World Showcase Pavilion?


Epcot’s World Showcase at Walt Disney World has to be my favorite area of that whole resort. It’s such a gorgeously well done area. If you are unfamiliar, World Showcase is a set of 11 pavilions representing countries from around the world. It sits along a promenade and a lake. Each pavilion is designed to look like that country with it’s architecture, food, shops, attractions. Cast members that work in these pavilions are even from the countries they are representing. With that being said, this coming Modern Mouse Radio show has to do with imagining a new country pavilion for World Showcase so I thought, “What does everyone else like about World Showcase?” I put the question out there to Twitter asking what your favorite World Showcase pavilion and why? These are the answers I got from Twitter this week.

@WDWParkHopper: England. I like the food, the beer, the shops, and the British Revolution. The courtyard is a nice space. And Alice! Technically it’s the United Kingdom. Last time I was here I met a woman from Wales and she was avid about me knowing that this wasn’t just an English pavilion. I’m not too keen on the food but I’ve only really stopped in for a pint at the Rose and Crown around noon. I hear it’s a killer place to be at night. I will agree that the music in this pavilion is some of the best. The courtyard is beautiful and of course Alice and Mary Poppins make frequent appearances here!

@TTATraveler: I love me some China Pavilion. The food, that garden area, and I can buy a katana. Similar to United Kingdom, the gardens of China are wonderful to relax in. I’m not as apprecative of the food here but I think that is based on the fact that I feel I can get similar Chinese food anywhere and it’s not exotic enough here. You can buy some cool weaponry here but I don’t suggest it if you are flying. Airport security will give you weird looks.

@dizwire: Mexico. Have always loved going in a pavilion and feeling like I’m outside. Mexico is unique because it’s indoor marketplace sits “below the stars of the night sky” and that’s a fun experience in the middle of the day. Be aware you will be temporarily in pain when you walk back out into the sunlight though. You’ll be able to meet Donald in his sombrero, Panchito, and Jose here. I’m cool with anything Jose guys!

@litemandhyde: I thought about this for a while. My best memories all involve the U.K. Love watching the band. Love the pub. Love the maze. Apparently many people really enjoy the Rose and Crown pub and the British Revolution band. Beyond this, U.K. has some cool shopping, especially if your into futbol (soccer)!

@MouseAndMemos: Japan. I lived there for three years – the food, the sites, the smells all take me back. One of the best parts of World Showcase is that the countries around the lake are as authentic as possible. Many of the cast members that work in the pavilions do say that they remind them of home. I always wondered if visiting a pavilion would bring back great memories from international trips. Now I know.

@SuperWriterMom: Oh this is tough. I’m gonna go with Britain narrowly edging out France b/c….Carl. #halfbasshalfstellacureswhatailsyou No Way! I know Carl and his drink “The Carl” is in fact a half Bass half Stella beer cocktail. It’s not my favorite beer cocktail as I’m more a snakebite (half Cider half Guinness) but I digress! Love Carl and he made my experience the last time I was at the Rose and Crown.

@jonathanbriehl: Japan! Can’t beat the food and Mitsukoshi Department Store. How could I forget about the store? I’ve spent hours at the Mitsukoshi Department Store. It’s easy to get lost in all of the great gifts. If you don’t have any affection toward Japanese culture, spend some time in that store and you will. I also ate at Teppan Edo last time I was at Epcot and I will state that the food is really fantastic.

@TimBond: Mexico. The interior transports you to a different place. The attraction is classic. Beyond the beautiful night sky setting, the former Rio del Tiempo, and now The Gran Fiesta Tour, is the only ride through attraction (at least for a while) at Epcot’s World Showcase. What makes it fun is the “Small World” style boat ride as well as the cameos from Panchito, Donald, and Jose. I mean it’s Jose guys!

Leave your answers below! What’s your favorite World Showcase pavilion? What country would you like to see be added to World Showcase? If you want to be a part of next week’s post, follow me on Twitter. Click the link below to follow me.

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