Tweets on Tuesday: Would you live in Walt’s EPCOT?

twitterJosh has been talking and talking and talking and talking and ta… about EPCOT a lot lately. Like, seriously, SO MUCH. For realsies, he just did a podcast about it with Keith Gluck (from, posted a YouTube video about it here, and now he’s trying to drag everyone else on Twitter down with him by asking you to talk about it too with his question this week “Would you live in Walt’s EPCOT/City of tomorrow and why?” Really Josh? Really? Haven’t we heard about this enough already? Well, maybe I am the only one who feels this way, because some of you lovely people gladly responded, or maybe you were just humoring him. But, I am being sucked in too now, because I’m being FORCED to do this post because Josh can’t, something about he needs to sleep so he can get some rest for his 14 hour work day tomorrow blah blah blah. Anyway, here are my responses to your responses to his EPCOT crazing.

In case you skipped the intro, the question this week on @ModernMouseJosh’s Twitter was: Would you live in Walt’s EPCOT/City of tomorrow and why?

@YoPaulieNJ – No. Such a Utopian society would require rules so stringent I wouldn’t want to live there. I would actually love to live there, but at the same time, I agree with you. It sort of reminds me of people that live in neighborhoods with HOA and can’t do things like let their lawn grow too high for a week because they don’t feel like mowing all the time or paint their houses certain non-approved colors. It’s kind of weird to think of being an adult and not being able to make certain choices about your own living situation, never mind not having the option of being able to even own your own home if you wanted. I mean, what if I LIKE retro-style stoves and furniture?! Well, it probably wouldn’t be allowed! I wonder if there would be a curfew, too, and weird rules about where you can and cannot walk your dog! Anything that makes me feel as though anyone else thinks my dog is not human makes me opposed to it (hehe!).

@MinDisneyDream – No, I think it would be like Stepford Wives. Ahhh yeah! Creepy thought! *Said in robot-ish voice*: “I am here to cheerfully install your new flat screen television.” Oh, wait, maybe that wouldn’t be so bad…. hehe. No, but really, it does sort of seem that way, at first thought, anyway. I would hope they would work out some system where the things that are “perfect” are the things that sort of need to be, like trash/recycling maintenance, less wear and tear on the environment, and cost of living expenses. Plus, I would hope that everyone would treat each other nicely (like Stepford Wives do) because of the pure fact that they are a community of people working together as such, and not so much because they are forced to watch some bizarre customer service with a smile training video and have it downloaded into their brains. (But I would hope that other “micro-managing” fears and fake-smiles would be smoothed out over time, like people coming together and decide they collectively don’t like conforming to certain practices, and I think it would.) I mean, you have to imagine the type of people who would be up for living in a place like this; Disney people, right? We are generally an all around friendly crowd, naturally, right? That could be something great!

@SixBubbles – I’d live anywhere Disney. Having the world right there to visit all the time- brilliant. Yeah! Me too, honestly. If I had the choice of owning my own home and being able to do whatever I wanted with it, vs. living and working within the walls of my favorite place on Earth, I don’t think there would be much competition there. Of course, I wouldn’t be able to own my own business unless I decided to have 2 full time jobs, but I am sure I could still make it work!

@TheMouseSlap –  If there is a union and can retire with a 25 yr of service pension plus housing and public transportation, sign me up. Seriously, I only hope that something like this was part of the plan, but Walt left this part of the deal off of the video promos he recorded for EPCOT. I can’t imagine they would force you to move out and kick you to the streets, or force you to keep working when you become of retirement age. Hey, hey, MAYBE if the plans were developed more and they actually moved into construction on his idea of EPCOT, there would have been a retirement community built next door with all of that deal you mentioned above coming with the whole package of living there! That would be a great idea! If anyone ever decides to build Walt’s Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, you and I can get together, write this down, and put this idea in a proposal! Then, maybe we can even live there completely free for coming up with it!

@PixieDustDaily –No, I’ve already lived through the 80s.  I am just going to add in a “wakka wakka” here, because it wont let me copy and paste that smiley face with the tongue sticking out you added at the end! hehe! I know you are making a joke, but for anyone else reading, I just want to mention that living in Walt’s EPCOT  would mean you got to live with appliances, technology, etc. of the future, and, at the time the promos came out, that meant basically what you might see of technology of the 80s. If this version of EPCOT were actually built, they would of course update things every year, so at this point in 2015 if Walt’s idea of EPCOT were around, we might be living in something resembling more closely to the world of 2030! But, to be fair, Josh was totally asking for this clever answer with the phrasing he used, and for that I say, “Bravo.” Together we can all rise up and make fun of Josh collectively, and that will be our even better version of EPCOT.

I poke fun at Josh way more than a fiance should. Or maybe it’s the appropriate amount. Or not enough? Should I poke more fun at Josh? Probably more, let’s say more. But for now, at the end of this article, I will stop, and I will support him is his obvious obsession with the Disney history side of Walt’s EPCOT. And in saying that, I will say, aka type, that you should check out the other stuff that Josh has been posting about EPCOT, because it truly is an amazing concept. I will also say, type, that I wish there was a keyboard key for the whole word EPCOT, because I think I just typed it 3,561 times. Even if you would never want to live in a community like EPCOT, it’s still fun to imagine the way of life you might experience if you did. And with that, I will end this article with a couple links to other EPCOT history posts Josh has done, and I would like to re-ask all of you:

Would you live in Walt’s EPCOT/City of tomorrow and why? Please leave your answers in the comments section below!

For more on the history of EPCOT and what it was supposed to be, please visit these links!:

Thanks for reading, and sleep well knowing there were many, many jokes made about Josh today,
Angie Carreiro

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