Tweets on Tuesday: Favorite Mickey Mouse Short?


Mickey Mouse has been Disney’s bread and butter since he appeared in the late 1920s. Mickey Mouse basically paid for much of the future projects that Walt Disney had in the 1930s and beyond. Even Walt stated that “It all started with a mouse.” So naturally we have all seen our share of Mickey Mouse cartoon shorts. Along with those classic shorts have been the addition of Paul Rudish’s new Mickey Mouse shorts in the last few years. Over the weekend I wrote a Top 5: New Mickey Mouse Shorts which made me think that I have an opinion on what Mickey shorts are my favorite so I’m sure others have their favorites. So I went to Twitter asking what everyone’s favorite Mickey Mouse short is and why? Here are the answers everyone gave!

@AndrewCFran: Not sure of the name, but the one where he runs a ghost hunting company with Donald and Goofy is really entertaining. “Lonesome Ghosts is the name of this classic short and it is really great. I’ve always been of the opinion that Mickey, Donald, and Goofy all in one short made it even better. I remember this being in many of Disney’s Halloween specials too which made it more prominent, even now!

@mouseaider: “Steamboat Willy” for me. The beginning of something special. Walt’s all-in attempt at sound cartoons sure did pay off. Steamboat Willy was the first Mickey cartoon to make the mouse a big star. There were cartoons previously animated with Mickey but they didn’t make it into major theaters until after “Steamboat Willy”. You are probably whistling the song now aren’t you?

@1MinDisneyDream: Mickey’s Trailer. I remember watching that as a kid and always stuck with me. Again with another Mickey, Donald, and Goofy combo. Thsi is another great one. The comedy is spot on. I love the way they all eat corn and I tested out this “typewriter” method myself when I was a kid. It didn’t work out how I hoped. Definitely classic but not nearly as known as “Lonesome Ghosts”.

@SixBubbles: Does the one that played before Frozen count? The one where they pop in and out of the screen? That was so great. “Get a Horse” was super awesome. It was a great toss to how everyone used to see Mickey Mouse shorts. Before television, you’d have to go to the theaters to see a Mickey short. The imagery here as well with the 3D animation as well as the classic 2D style was really innovative and fun.

@ModernMouseAng: I think I like Clogged because Minnie is really cute and she has no idea that she murdered everyone in town to water her flower. I recently watched this with Angie from Modern Mouse so I know she loves it. We have both watched all of the new Mickey shorts as they have come out. We both love the animation style and the mayhem these characters get into. “Clogged” had a great “It’s a Small World” vibe and Minnie Mouse is always cute, even when she destroys towns.

Be sure to look up all of these great shorts! It’s always great for me to take time out of my day, and thanks to places like YouTube, be able to watch a 3-4 minute short cartoon. Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@ModernMouseJosh) if you want to participate in an upcoming Tweets on Tuesday post. Just make sure to answer any question I throw out there (usually between Sunday and Tuesday!) and see you next week.

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