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In early 2013, it was announced that Mickey Mouse would be returning to short cartoons. In an effort to make the character new again as well as using the internet as a new medium, Disney took on Paul Rudish, probably most well known as a writer and director for Cartoon Network shows like Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Laboratory, and gave him the ball to roll with. As new head of Mickey shorts, Rudish produced and directed the first season of shorts. Rudish made some brash changes to the Mickey Mouse shorts. The characters looks changed and became more stylized. Some of the humor was much more “gross out” than Disney had ever done before. The technology used was better and more fluid. Backgrounds were also stylized and foreign language was used in scenes set in non-English countries. Despite all of these changes, Rudish kept the charming quality and heart synonymous with the original Mickey Mouse shorts. They are still fun, cute, and silly. Now with over and year and a half of material, I’d like to share what I think are the top 5 new Mickey Mouse Shorts.

#5-“Mickey Monkey”. Maybe it’s because it’s newer and fresh in my mind but I loved this short as it was cute and it pays homage to several things. First off, it involves Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy. That’s something that not all of the shorts have. If it had Daisy it would have been even better but I won’t complain. This jungle boat ride down the river is a tribute to the Jungle Cruise attraction. The boat they are in looks exactly like one of the boats from the classic Disney ride. It also salute Steamboat Willy, Mickey’s first major success. The jokes are pretty good, even if they are farfetched. The colors and animation are gorgeous. It has everything you’d really want in a Mickey cartoon.

#4-“O Futebol Classico”. Based around the World Cup in Brazil, this short hits home with me for one simple reason: Jose Carioca. The parrot from Brazil, most known as one of the Three Caballeros, makes a great appearance here. This short also just stands out as it’s in Portuguese, Brazil’s native language, and it’s filled with enough characters to pack a stadium…literally. This short had some serious animation work put in. It also features a great musical samba score fitting the overall theme. It’s very memorable, especially for myself as I love the sounds of South America and Jose.

#3-“Space Walkies”. One of the best relationships in the world of Mickey Mouse is the one between the mouse and his loyal pooch Pluto. Mickey would do anything for Pluto out of his love for him. When Pluto needs to use the bathroom, it presents a different challenge when they are space astronauts. The loyalty of Mickey leads them outside with less than 3 minutes until descent back to Earth. The short has a cameo from Chip and Dale and it includes jokes about space junk, space stations, and of course, the sad “not a planet” Pluto. The short, which simplifies the theme of the film “Gravity” in some way (A fun homage if it truly is.) ends with a Pluto and Mickey safely landing back in Florida right in front of Space Mountain, another great little throw to the parks division.

#2-“Croissant de Triompe”. I’m not alone in stating this cartoon as one of the best. It won a Primetime Emmy award for short animated program. It’s another of the foreign shorts which takes place in France. Mickey saves Minnie as he brings her thriving cafe croissants which everyone is asking for even though she has run out. The character animations are quick and cute, but the show stealer is actually Mickey’s scooter. His “beep” and expressions are extremely cute. The city scape and camera angles as Mickey zooms through Paris is some of the best of any of these new Mickey shorts. It was one of Paul Rudish’s first outings as the new runner of the Mickey shorts and after decades without Mickey it was nice to see the character in this light.

#1-“No Service”. Another of Rudish’s first shorts with Mickey but definitely one of the best. This short brings Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy into the short. There is always extra credit when you can fit a majority of classic characters into the same short. “No Service” laid everything out on the table as to what these new shorts would be. Rudish plays off of the fact that these characters are really only half clothed. He also makes Goofy somewhat gross and when you combo that with serving food, it’s a recipe for Rudish’s “gross out” animation. We also get our first real glimpse at Daisy and it’s always wonderful to see Daisy and Donald’s relationship put up against Mickey and Minnie’s relationship. The short also uses a pastel color pallete for the beach boardwalk and as the characters walk down the boardwalk, the motions and background move with fluidity and it looks wonderful.

What are your favorite new Mickey Mouse shorts? What are some of your favorite classic Mickey shorts? Who’s your favorite character? Let me know! I’d love to hear.

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  1. Great list. I’ve fallen a few episodes behind since we moved, but I absolutely love the new Mickey shorts. Other than a few very minor instances where the gross-out factor was a little overboard, the series captures the essence of those early cartoons from the 30s and 40s, which were meant for adults as much as for kids, and scripted music falls into that style too. I love that they make fun of inconsistencies we ignore, such as Donald’s lack of pants and that Goofy & Pluto are really both dogs, and there are also a lot of Easter eggs tucked in there. I have to admit I never really was a fan of Goofy until the new shorts. Now he’s hilarious.

    I have to add a few more of my favorites:
    Potato Land
    Dog Show
    Gasp! (I swear the cat says “WTF”)
    Ghoul Friend
    Stayin’ Cool

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